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Is this the worst thing on the Internet?

Shall we take a vote, or does it win by acclamation?


  1. The Stigler says:

    I think we have an exception to “the Devil has all the best tunes”

  2. Westerlyman says:

    I am afraid that I had to turn it off after 30 seconds. It is appalling.

  3. Nearly smashed my screen says:

    Pitiful, obnoxious and utter bollocks.

  4. Mr Ecks says:

    “They say we’ve got nothing in common”

    They’re fucking right.

  5. John Galt says:

    It started off well with some young girly bouncing her tits up and down, then deteriorated into some kind of Eurotrash pop dirge…

    Really, if the idiots at the Berlaymont think this sort of obvious bullshit propaganda is going to work on anything other than a superficial level they are sadly mistaken.

    Mind you, how many products, sorry users does Facebook have?

  6. RAB says:

    Probably the most puerile piece of shit I have ever seen.

    Loved the air guitars! Get wid the Project kids, forget iPads, soon you’ll be too poor to afford a guitar.

    Oh there are going to be lots of European kids dancing in the street soon alright, with their faces covered by bandanas and carrying Molotovs.

  7. Richard B says:

    As Sassoon said:

    “O Jesus, make it stop!”

  8. NickM says:

    Now Mr Ecks behave. We are culturally related. I am a European. I am united with a huge number people from Poland to Portugal united in telling Brussels to fuck off.

    Democracy, Freedom, Subsidiarity.

    The first two brave men and women fought wars for but subsidiarity? What the fuck is that? I would kill and die for things that matter but subsidiarity – is that even a word?

    And the fucker’s couldn’t even be fucked to fucking well write their own fucking tune. They ponced it off Deep Blue Something. This anthem for European solidarity is to the tune of “Breakfast at Tiffanys” written by Americans. From the Azores to Belorus fuck the fuck off. That is an epic fail.

    You know what all this is about? Europeans you see seem fine at integrating off their own bats but that is wrong. The EU exists to make this possible by allowing it. Otherwise it is verboten. And there are hors d’oeuvres that must be obeyed. I find it offensive. It is telling me I can’t order a pizza or something unless specifically allowed. There is an Italian restaurant in my village. And two Chinese take-aways and a Bangladeshi restaurant. The corner shop is run by an Anglo-Pakistani couple. We all just want to run and play and don’t need to be told what we can or can’t do and with whom. We decide. We decide who we buy things from, we decide who we sell things to, we decide what movies we watch and who we take to them. We decide who we sleep with (or not) and I have enjoyed cuntinental pleasures (she had nipples like a 7.62mm rounds and with a Finn (Tampere – the dullest city on Earth – which is why she lived in London). She was right dirty… Well run and play. Did I need laws to be enacted just so more laws could be enacted that allow me to freely interact?

    Before the First World War we were more globalized than we managed to be until the ’90s.

    And that had fuck all to do with the EU. Put it this way. I like doing. And I do . Being allowed to do… Run and play. We do it anyway. It takes governance to make it difficult and then we are expected to thank the cunts for allowing us.

  9. Hazer says:
    The definition of subsidiarity is the principle that the central/federal government should be a subsidiary of local government and that the rights of the local are more important than the wants of the whole.

    Now this seems good to me but why a euro fan group would sing about it I can’t understand…

  10. Lynne says:

    Conservatives will fight us? Ooooh, what a giveaway!

    Spartist twats.

  11. Horace Dunn says:

    It is uniquely ghastly. But the most amusing thing is hearing these dreary, unimaginative little cannon-fodder conformists bleating about how “conservatives” are going to fight them. They want us to see them as progressive, optimistic, forward looking, radical, whereas there’s clearly not a single genuine progressive amongst all these lumpish, lickspittle, statist monkeys.

  12. Sam Duncan says:

    Heh. There’s nothing more conservative than trying to perpetuate a system of government that was already out of date when it began to be implemented in the 1950s.

    Subsidiarity’s a fine idea. The trouble is, they don’t mean it. The EU exists to acqire power, or “competence”. Once something is a “competence”, it’s one forever. There is no mechanism for returning power to the states.

    What they really mean (if they mean anything at all) is that the states are permitted to transpose EU law into “municipal” law as they see fit. And in their heads, I think they really believe that this is “subsidiarity” at work: EU law is, to them, a common framework into which we must mould ourselves in our own “diverse” ways, not a set of laws to which we must adhere to the letter.

    In the real world, this is, of course, a pile of idealistic horseshit. If we elected a government who thought Value Added Tax or fishing quotas were a load of overbureaucratic nonsense, there isn’t a damn thing it could do about them. Except declare UDI.

  13. Longrider says:

    I am afraid that I had to turn it off after 30 seconds. It is appalling.

    Same here. My toes wouldn’t curl any further.

  14. zack says:

    Sam Duncan: Subsidiarity’s a fine idea. The trouble is, they don’t mean it…..What they really mean (if they mean anything at all) is that the states are permitted to transpose EU law into “municipal” law as they see fit.

    This is just another example of the left taking and manipulating a phrase to fit their purpose. They did this with ‘social justice’ (a term used by the Catholic Church to mean those institutions, outside of civil authority [the government], that promote the well being of a society – things like charities, schools, fraternal organizations, etc. The idea was originally what we would call Civil Society, but specifically in accordance with Catholic moral teaching), equality (originally equality before the law, equality of opportunity; the left now uses it to mean equality of results), freedom(freedom of oppressive government; left means ‘freedom from want’ and what such clap trap), etc.

    One of the more important battles in the War of Ideas is the War of Words; the left has won many victories via this method, and we need to fight back on this front.

  15. APL says:

    Come on guys, it must be a parody! Amazing satire, akin to the best of Monty Python. “Subsidiarity” in the same breath as “European Union”? It must be a spoof.

  16. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Lying bullshit propaganda, but at least it used to be catchy!

  17. Stan Mann says:

    Least catchy chorus I’ve ever heard, I think, double-plus-ungood.

  18. Phil B says:

    I’ve seen worse but the exact details escape me for the moment.

    I doubt the yoof appearing in the video could comprehend the magnitude of the fuck I do not give about the EU and its mindless, gold plated, vitamin enriched and rammed down with a stick propaganda.

    But keep drinking the Kool Aid Kiddies. The EU WANTS you to drink it and it will supply plenty of the stuff to make sure the message gets through ..

  19. bilbaoboy says:


  20. Paul Marks says:

    Why were these people pretending to be Americans?

    Andy why are they singing so badly?

    And why “air guitars” – can they not play instruments?

    All rather odd.

  21. worst thing says:

    Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be updating the post text and be sure to include it up there, thanks.

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