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“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the Stars…

Not anymore we aint, not if this bunch of swivel eyed evil bastards get their way. It will be forbidden. No more space travel no more sea travel no more air travel for us plebs, just the privileged few. We peasants can rot where we were born and aspire to nothing but drudgery and disease and an early death. Don’t expect to get to my age kids, you are going to all be dead by 30.

We have to agree to be poor, to live in a hovel and eat only sustainable local produce. Yes we have no bananas, we won’t have them tomorrow either, and Strawberries in January will become a Capital crime. The WWF (might as well call them the Waffen SS and be done with it) are an old, formed in the sixties, venerable (to many, Govts , UN Panel on Climate Change) extremely well funded and influential global organisation. But they apparently want to burn down the village to save it. Oops, not burn it down, jeez think of the carbon! no carefully dismantle and recycle it. Unpave Paradise and put up a stinking swamp, as it were.

All power must come from renewables by 2050 (that will be bugger all then) but not only that, insane enough as it is, the WWF think they can do it by not using nasty stuff like steel, Glass and concrete. Umm Windmills and solar panels need a hell of a lot of all of that, and the essential element in making the windmills work are rare earth metals. Well they don’t call them rare for nothing, and they leave a nasty gash in the ground extracting them, no way round that. But very Animal Farm eh? some gashes bad (carbon fuels) some gashes good (rare earth) or do you think that the WWF just haven’t thought this all through, and can’t do sums for toffee? I look forward with considerable interest to the Windmills made of blancmange and marshmallow pies though, and cabled by Spaghetti don’t you?

This is all so evilly insane I don’t know where to stop or start here. I have said many times that the only realistic future that mankind has is to get the hell off this planet and colonise new ones. We cannot sit here contemplating our navels till the sun goes out, or we go out with it.  But that’s just what the likes of the WWF want us to do and be Morrissey with it!

I’m sure my  fellow kitty kounter Lynne would have done a much better job of this post, but as you know, we are having a bit of a torrid time round here, and I wanted to keep the momentum going for as long as is possible.

Here’s the article that sets it out far better than I just have.

H/T to my friend, and long term commenter on Samizdata, Alisa.


  1. Lynne says:

    I was thinking of fisking that pile of steaming triffid’s puke because, blog implosion aside, if anything needed a fisk it was that World Wide Fascists cotton wool dray bovine (geddit?). Unfortunately domestic stuff got in the way as it does every Saturday.

    You did a nice job though, RAB.

  2. Lynne says:

    What really puzzled me is that the European Stupid Space Agency signed its name to this codswallop. Don’t the idiots realise that if WWF gets its way the ESA will be one of the first things sacrificed upon Gaia’s altar butcher’s block?

  3. Fred Thrung says:

    Nice one, RAB. Lynne would have done a more sweary version, but not necessarily better.
    But hey guys – please get your shit together. The second* most important blog in the blogosphere shouldn’t be riven by fallings out.
    And as a follow up to something earlier – I love it that NickM returns to the same theme many times – I also want to go home!

    * Someone told me a long time ago – don’t ever say “You are my bestest friend”. Instead say “You are my second bestest friend”. That way you don’t upset anyone cos they can all think to themselves *I’m* the bestest friend”

  4. RAB says:

    Ta Lynne love. I still think you would have done it better though. You have the facts at your fingertips. I almost emailed you the link, but knew you would have seen it. Like for you, Saturday is a busy one round here, so I just banged it out, before the outrage cooled.


    Believe me, if this was written 3 weeks ago, my language would have been several levels more sweary than Lynne has ever written. But we are trying a period of Verbal Lent round here at the moment, to see if we can inform and amuse without too much crude abuse.

    I have done my level best this last week to unbend the fenders on this damn car crash. I have been pissed in both senses of the word for a week now. Only time will tell now, if I have sacrificed my liver for the common good 😉

  5. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Yep, it’s misanthropy writ large. I reckon they break down into three categories. First the dumb foot soldiers who actually believe this stuff. They will screwed like the rest of us. Second, the ones who know there will be problems but reckon a “slight” reduction in living standards is worth it to ‘save the planet’ These are the useful fools.

    Last and least, the ones who really know (but dare not say) what this means. Medieval culture and the new feudalism. We are the Serfs, they are the overlords of course.

    Truly a crime against humanity.

  6. Furor Teutonicus says:

    XX Windmills made of blancmange and marshmallow pies though, and cabled by Spaghetti don’t you? XX

    You KNOW it is a bad idea to keep eating those little squares of blotting paper that guy in the pub gives you!

  7. RAB says:

    Blotters from blokes down the pub? What decade are you living in Furvor?

    I have only ever taken the best, Owsley Sunshine and Operation Julie blue barrel, the finest acid ever made. And that includes Sandoz Labs.

    One Oscar Wilde quote and three oblique music references in 600 words. Not bad for an old acid casualty eh? 😉

  8. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Even in my younger days, I could never quite see the point of hallucinogenics?

  9. permanentexpat says:

    Life today is a hallucination….a bad trip; but like all else it will pass;-))

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to go off-topic, but I couldn’t help noticing this excerpt from the text: “…[W]e ask for more than what we have.” The context suggests that that is Not Good.

    I’m puzzled, dazed and confused, however, because I thought that the people who infest WWF and suchlike moral-panic factories make a point of TRAINING people to “ask for [or, rather, demand] more than what [they] have.”

    Isn’t that the idea behind all the various global welfare sca–er–schemes?

    Oh well. I guess I’ve always read the passage wrong. It must actually go, “Demand, and ye shall receive.”

  11. HSLD says:

    RAB – got your email, cheers – not been able to stay logged into Hotmail for the past 3 days though. Will reply when it starts working again…

    Probably all these Spanish wind turbines buggering it up the same way they are helping to bugger what’s left of the economy…

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