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Do as I say for I am the heavenly Buddha

…or alternatively, no, you’re really not.  I’ve little time for those who assume the moral high ground on pressing issues of the day, because all too often, they themselves are hideously compromised.


And so we come to the head of the IMF, the redoubtable Christine Lagarde.  Now you might imagine that if you succeeded the highly unorthodox Dominique Strauss-Kahn, you might make sure your personal and professional life is spotless, especially if you decide to proselytise in that area. 


Just a reminder, Mr Strauss-Kahn, a former member of the union of communist students and IMF boss, decided that leaving your ‘DNA’ all over a hotel maid was tickety-boo.  There were also not one but two financial scandals in 1999 and in 2008 another man’s wife was fair game, but hey, make her redundant.  Let’s not forget the ‘judgement’ that says when a young and beautiful woman agrees to have immediate, anonymous, no-strings sex with a paunchy 63-year old, well, how could you possibly know she was a hooker?


So whilst Christine did not have a great act to follow, you might just cast an eye to your own conduct before questioning the behaviour of others.  Lagarde has her own 2011 financial issues according to a French court, but that’s no hurdle to the world’s top financial job.   


But if it was me, I might just make sure my own financial house was in order before I started nagging the Greeks to pay their taxes.  Why? Because Lagarde, on her salary of $540K a year pays a tax rate of, er, zero.  Yep, she keeps the lot. 


And this is why the whole stinking, rotten edifice that tells us to loan money to obvious bad debtors is vile and pointless and we should withdraw.   




  1. NickM says:

    I think you’re too nice to DSK as he he is called. At best he is a pathetic sex-pest and at worst a rapist. Now what gets me is if he worked at Tesco and got up to such antics he’d have been jailed. But no! He was a man of importance so this didn’t happen. Is he not banned from entering the USA for crimes of moral turpitude? And I would hope his infernal arrogance too.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Agreed – on all points.

    Post – and comment.

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