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Flying Cats in Amsterdam

They call this art in Holland.  A prime contender for the Turnyer Stomach prize…?


  1. NickM says:

    Now an easy thing to say here is that is twisted beyond any form of comprehension. I mean if I said to my missus, upon his death let’s stuff the cat and turn it into a helicopter I’d be receiving solicitor’s letters. And not friendly ones. But there is perhaps a bigger issue here. The quad-rotor is nowadays a commonplace for drones and such. They might have broken “artistic barriers” but the “creation” is hardly cutting-edge aerospace. T’was ever thus! Art shall eternally follow science in whatever half-arsed way it sees fit. The most awesome thing I ever saw in a museum was the creation of Kelly Johnson of Lockheed. It was an SR-71. My wife was quite struck by it and said it looked “sinister”. She also opined that “They couldn’t make things that look like that yet”. I had to tell her they did before either of us were born. So I guess until “artists” launch a stuffed cat at over Mach 3 I’m unimpressed by their tomfoolery.

  2. Lynne says:

    So I guess until “artists” launch a stuffed cat at over Mach 3 I’m unimpressed by their tomfoolery.

    Prepare to eat your words! They expect to perfect their quantum cheese powered cat(sic)apult any day now.

  3. RAB says:

    It aint Art and it aint Science, it’s just crap, and offensive crap at that.

    Using a Camera Obscura to produce masterpieces of Renaissance Art like Holbein’s the Ambassadors, well that’s Art and Science hand in glove, not this nonsense.

    Still, I can see a use for it. If you did it to a dead pig and put Hellfire missiles on it and flew it around Afganistan… well just think of the terror and panic it would bring! :-)

  4. NickM says:

    Odd you mention that piccy. I saw a bloke in Manchester painting a replica of Holbein’s portrait of Henry VIII. he was doing it as a busk. His technical skill knocked anything modern fartist into a cocked hat. a chucked 50p into his hat. i am now a patron of the arts! Like one of those Borgias or something.

    Anyway, I think you’ll find getting a Hellfire missile (or indeed the improved RAF version – Brimstone) up your dish-dasha is enough to wreck your entire weekend. They are mildly supersonic – the fuckers don’t even see or hear them. Adding a pig would merely compromise the aerodynamics and why add insult to injury when the injury in the first-place is a DNA job? An Israeli Hellfire fucked Saruman over good and proper.

    And yes, I know it is a terrible thing to use a missile designed to wreck a T-80 tank on an old git in a wheelchair but he was, to quote Withnail, a terrible cunt. The elderly and disabled can be just as vile as anyone else. That’s equality for you! He was regarded as a terrorist leader by Israel, the EU, the USA, Canada and Japan. That is a profound cunt in several currencies.

    Moreover the Israeli gunship specifically targeted the rapscallion and used a weapon of pin-point precision to blow the fucker to Allah. He had no such qualms and indeed encouraged indiscriminate attacks on Israel. Ones killing Christian, Jew, Muslim or various in an equal opportunities manner. You know playgrounds in parts of Israel have bomb-shelters?

    Bring on the drones!

    (IAI make their own!)

  5. Kevin says:

    More shit in the name of art, I fucking despair where the human race is headed.

  6. John Galt says:

    The thing that got me about the Orvillecoptor (that’s it’s name by the way) was the eyes.

    I know they are fixed and more akin to marbles than anything else, but it’s just the hideous staring eyes.

    Should have done it with a pig really, then at least that would have been a creative pun (Pigs might fly) if nothing else.

    The cat is just freaky.

  7. “used a weapon of pin-point precision to blow the fucker to Allah”

    Here is another such example of the ‘pin point accuracy’ of the IDF a.k.a. child-killing bastards.

    Can we stop the hero-worship of one side and accept they are both horrible murdering swine.

    Yes, I know many of the Arabs are utter hoons, but so are some of the Israelis. They both think God is on their side. This does not make for rational dialogue. Really, I’ve met some IDF conscripts, it was like an evening with a bunch of ‘Bill & Ted’ rejects. Not a huge shock these things happen.

  8. zack says:

    RAB: It aint Art and it aint Science, it’s just crap

    Quite. What I hate about most modern ‘art’ is that it isn’t created in an attempt to create beauty, create an emotional impact, or even to get you thinking; no, it’s to have a ‘relevant’ and ‘avant garde’ ‘message’ , which mostly means to be mind numbing pointless/leftist. Most modern ‘artists’ are trying to be Dadaists ( ) well past that movements sell by date.

    Of course, if that’s their standard, then I think it’s safe to say that 4chan has more ‘artists’ then any university on the planet.

    And you’re right Nick, a well designed plane like the sr-71 (or for that matter, something as simple as a well designed watch) is more beautiful then anything these numbnuts ‘create’.

  9. Laird says:

    “It aint Art and it aint Science”, but it’s not “just crap”, either. It’s mildly amusing and somewhat creepy. And there’s definitely something poetic about a cat named after Orville Wright being given flight (even if posthumously).

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