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Thanks Fred!

This morning I stumble out of bed and out the house to buy some ciggy-wigs. Upon my return my wife has found a jiffy-bag from Suffolk pushed through the letterbox (which by the way is like Arkwright’s till. It contains some CDs and a letter from commentator Fred Thrung (not his real name)). So thanks Fred! This is what I shall do. I shall attempt to fix the XP system. If that goes pear shaped I shall do a clean re-install by also by the means of the disk. I shall appoint a HD with XP on it and use that to access the drive with like all my wife’s stuff (including billing details!) and then re-install the full caper including Office. Thanks again Fred! As every computer I build is builded Raskolnikov doesn’t have a single drive so that ought to be doable. It will mean crawling under a desk with a posidrive and trying not to ingest dust-bunnies but that is my life. And I love it. Oh, I complain (of course I do!) but I love it. To me the most beautiful sound in the world is the Windows opening jingle because it means my work is done and I can watch Doctor Who.

Machines I have built:

First was Urania (there was also Urania II and I think III – Urania I died from the click of death a fault common to IBM drives of the time), a computer for my father in law (forget the name – not his name!), then Thalia (a stormer with twin WD RAID Raptors that set the fucking twilight reeling – she sounded like a form of apocalypse – it was fast as the cunting fuck) Calliope and Astarte and ultimately, via ifs and buts, Hekate – aka “The Deathstar” – faster than any cunting fuck imaginable this side of tachyons (I pity iPad users – I really do – the suckers of Steve’s mummified Jobby that they are). And so many others… They all have names (mainly classical and female – you grokked my trend?) and they all exist. They are the best of me. They are what I do when I am at my best. The rest of the time I’m a grumpy git railing against half-wits like Ed Balls or Michael Gove but sometimes I build things that count. I build universal machines and give them classical names because they deserve it. I dare not name a machine “Alan” though if I do be very afraid. Because if I dare build an “Alan” it will have to make HAL-9000 look like a pocket calculator.

Anyway, cheers Fred. It has not gone unoticed that was Special Delivery.

PS. My wife is delighted! She reckons you a capital fellow.


  1. Do the discs include Office? If not I’ll stick them in the post tomorrow.

    I would also appreciate your comments on this

    which I’m contemplating as a replacement for my 6 yr old XP system that now labours like Eric Pickles with emphysemia to handle graphics files. I’m looking for something to handle graphics files of 100mb+ and perhaps also do some video editing.

  2. View from the Solent says:

    If you build with more than 1 HD, why don’t you use and regularly (re)create a bootable XP sysdisk clone in a partition on the 2nd HD?
    Mine (recreated weekly with the free version) has saved me from a repair/reinstall on a couple of occasions.

  3. ivan says:

    Nick, do the copy of the disk first, there is no telling what windows might do with what’s on there. Our experience is that one in three restores goes pear shaped and requires a full reformat to get anything working.

  4. JuliaM says:

    “(I pity iPad users – I really do – the suckers of Steve’s mummified Jobby that they are).”

    I’d say ‘Oi!’ but my mouth’s full… ;)

  5. NickM says:

    View from the Solent,
    In principle a bloody good idea. One I shall look into. Thing is I believe in frequent re-installs and humans saving their data often.

    Gods angels in heaven do I not know that! Which is why everyone ought to stick their stuff on at least one thing other than the sys disk.

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    I’m biting my tongue here trying not to be the Ranty Linux Guy (‘cos I hate them as much as the rest of you) but in all seriousness, and further to Ivan’s suggestion, I’d boot from a live CD and backup the data that way before Windows gets a chance to wreak any havoc.

  7. NickM says:

    I have a killer argument contra you. Gotta get Windies restored because whilst I could live with Linux (apart from games and have Linux machines, natch) my wife can’t. She requires TRADOS and that is Windows ‘ware.

  8. Fred Thrung says:

    I forgot to mention that the Office program is an upgrade version hence the extra disk in the pack containing the previous version of Office.

  9. Fred Thrung says:

    PS to previous comment: having supported Mrs NickM re foreign bears the least I could do is to support her lesser half.

  10. Rob F says:

    I call my PC ‘Shodan’ (of System Shock fame).

    I suppose it’s because I don’t have a gf at the moment but if I did, I’d want her to walk all over me in high heels and call me ‘insect’.

    Maybe I need to see a trick cyclist…

  11. NickM says:

    Maybe Rob,
    But I’d suggest getting a girlfriend. It’s what the internet is for. Not for me typing this drivel.

  12. Sam Duncan says:

    Oh, I didn’t mean to replace it, Nick – I realise a lot of people need Windows – just to back up the data before giving an installation attempt any opportunity to screw it up.

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