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Foghorn Clegghorn

Nick Clegg’s kids supported Spain’s football team during the European Championships according to this article in the Failygraph. So what? They are half Spanish. They’d probably have cheered the English team on to a win too had the team not buggered up on penalties – again. But this isn’t what the story is about.

The former Conservative Party chairman, now Lord Tebbit, controversially suggested in 1990 that immigrants and their children could not show loyalty to Britain until they supported the England team at cricket.

Which was a daft thing to say. I find cricket (and practically every other kind of sport) to be an industrial grade soporific but that doesn’t make me less loyal and I was born a Brit. But that still isn’t what the jist of the story is about.

But in a newspaper interview yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister said that his three young sons Antonio, Alberto and Miguel had backed the country of their mother Miriam, whose team won the Euro 2012 football tournament on Sunday.

Bully for them. The kids probably got a huge rush out of seeing their team win. And this is being reported in the Failygraph why?

He said: “I’m not sure if my children who were wearing their Spanish football kit, given to them by Miriam, would have passed the Norman Tebbit cricket test.

Cleggy is using his kids to have a pop at a retired Tory chairman over something he said years ago? Shome mishtake shurley…

“They know every single detail about every Spanish player.”

We get it. Cleggy’s kids are footie fans. So are millions of other kids. So WTF has this got to do with Norman Tebbit? Apart from the fact that Tebbit probably doesn’t support the Spanish cricket team should they have one.

Mr Clegg took a further swipe at Right-wing Conservatives, pouring scorn on what he called the “shrivelled, cowering” world view of Eurosceptics.

Ah, now I get it. Cleggy is using his kids to promote Team Brussels EU. What sort of shrivelled, cowering Europhile caring father would do such a thing? Well him, obviously.

He lampooned them as “cowering behind the battlements saying, ‘Ooh, I don’t like what Johnny Foreigner might do to us’.”

Because twunts like Clegg would much rather lick EU Johnny Foreigner arse than give it a well deserved kick. Where does cowering behind one’s kids to try and score a political point rate in the scheme of things? Ten miles south of a worm’s navel in my opinion.

The Deputy Prime Minister told the London Evening Standard: “That’s one thing I have never understood about the so–called bulldog spirit of Euroscepticism.

Yeah, the fact that people vigorously object to being ruled by unelected, authoritarian tossers is so frigging hard to understand.

“I don’t think it’s a bulldog spirit at all. I think it’s a kind of slightly shrivelled, cowering view of the world.”

Is it me or does Clegg’s wibble come across as a classic case of psychological projection? Also “a kind of slightly shrivelled, cowering view of the world” sums up Limp Dim politics beautifully.

He said that he was an “old–fashioned Liberal” who believes “we are always best when we are open, when we are ambitious, when we are swashbuckling”.

The Limp Dims have a “best”? Who knew?


  1. Will says:

    I’m convinced he feels totally free to come out of the EU closet as it were because he has been told the Limp dumbs are history at the next election and he will be returning to the motherland.
    Nick Clegg Fifth columnist?

  2. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Lord Tebbit was not of course talking about cricket directly but using it as a metaphor, for a committment or lack thereof to British values, culture and nationhood. The warning was ignored and it found its ghastly zenith on the 7th of July.

    As to Clegg, yes, his committment to the UK is flimsy and he would sell out the UK in the blink of an eye to Europe, tell us something we don’t know Nick.

  3. Lynne says:

    Checks in mirror – nope definitely not Nick.

  4. RAB says:

    Ah yes Cleggy, Last of the Summer Whine. Bought and paid for Brussels sprout. He’s so busy being deputy prime minister, he has time for the school run every day. His Spanish wife is either too busy or having a siesta.

  5. No, Tebbitt is an arrogant, self important arsehole and he almost certainly meant it literally.

  6. bloke in spain says:

    ian (not that one) b
    You ever read Tebbit’s blog in the Telegraph? He’s the only writer I’ve ever seen, devotes half his space answering critics in the comments section. Contrast his attitude to that of most of the other columnists, few of who can even glance at them, judging the way they’re constantly being picked up on matters of factual error they repeatedly recycle.
    The Cricket Test? Probably an ill chosen metaphor. Cricket is the one sport where a crowd of Caribbean immigrants, two generations removed, cheering for ‘their’ team in a good natured way isn’t problematic. But then he couldn’t use the ‘Football Test’ could he? Whole areas too bloody sensitive to touch. One tenth part Irishmen with tricolour tattoos willing to die or rather maim for Celtic. The warfare between one bank of the Thames & the other.
    Spanish football support? Shame my dumbarsed dago neighbours don’t spend a bit less time celebrating football wins & a bit more time turning up for work & getting their country out of the shit it’s in. And believe me, if you lived here, you’d understand where the drive for that comment came from.

  7. Tim Newman says:

    Cricket was a poor metaphor, mainly because cricket is one (of probably many, to be fair) sports where seeing a decent contest is almost as important as winning and applauding the opposition is commonplace. Even the players sometimes congratulate their opponents during the game!

  8. John Galt says:

    Let’s not forget that Clegg is (as RAB rightly points out) a bought and paid for member of the EU alumni.

    If he doesn’t continue to support the EU then he doesn’t get his EU pension does he?

    What happens if the UK leaves the EU? Would the pensions of former EU commissioners (like Peter Mandleson) not be paid out?

    I bloody hope so!

  9. UK Fred says:

    I was wondering whether a parent whose children did not pass the Tebitt Test could reasonably represent anyone ina British Parliament.

  10. Roue le Jour says:

    “Yeah, the fact that people vigorously object to being ruled by unelected, authoritarian tossers is so frigging hard to understand.”

    if the EU had got richer and more powerful under the rule of the unelected, authoritarian tossers I’d be quite relaxed about them. It’s the “fly the economy into the ground and blame the bankers” bit I vigorously object to.

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