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Damn you for offering us food choice

A visit from SAoT’s matriarch meant that she and Mrs SAoT were watching the Beeboid last night.  After the usual ‘the Olympics is great’ type show tediously explaining the finer points of swimming and something about volcanoes, there was this utterly vile North Korean type thing called “the men who made us fat” or something.


There had apparently been two previous episodes of this junk, but since I don’t watch the Beeb I had happily missed them, but this was the sort of background noise that eats into your soul.


First, if you want to see who made you fat (assuming you are fat) don’t search conspiracy websites, don’t look to the government or Pravda or the medical community to explain it to you, and certainly don’t listen to a word that some paid advocacy group come up with.  No, just look in the mirror.


If someone cannot take personal responsibility for what they choose to ingest, instead blaming some third party against whom they are helpless, then they are more or less doomed.  Needless to say, said advocacy groups are all too keen to relieve them of the tiresome responsibilities of thinking, exercising self-discipline and restraint.  


So, to “the men who made us fat” So far as I saw it (I lasted about 25 minutes) UK obesity is all the fault of evil corporations and the men who work in them.  Please note, no women work for food companies in senior roles apparently and cannot therefore be evil.  It’s all men’s fault. 


The central thrusts seemed to be stuff which is marketed as healthy may not be.  This woman who was in some kind of regulatory role in the past had taken it upon herself to explain to hapless proles that ‘Sunny Delight’ may not have been that healthy.  Anyone not able to read the label with a list of the contents?  Then there was the staggering revelation that if a Donut is organic it doesn’t mean it’s healthy (sic).    


Almost quivering with excitement the program makers had seized upon a report by JP Morgan (boo hiss) to the food industry that government regulation may damage them and that if they were able to take action to prevent that it would be a good thing.  But guess what? Those evil swine in Cadburys did not shift from chocolate to lentil bars ~ oh no.  They continued to sell chocolate and offered some sport equipment if you collected wrappers.  Then they interviewed another woman in a regulatory capacity of some sort (therefore good and the source of all things holy and virtuous) who explained that you need to buy really rather a lot of chocolate to get the free equipment.


Well obviously.  The equipment is an additional cost to the company but the Beeb decided to suggest that ‘a person’ would need to eat about forty quids worth of chocolate to get a netball.  No-one thought to say that if a class of kids ate say one chocolate bar a week and simply kept the wrappers then handed them in to the teacher instead of littering, they would have plenty of additional sports stuff double quick.  They gave the regulatory type, an almost uninterrupted bit to camera with patsy type questions for about five minutes before printing two lines of Cadburys reply which was on screen for a few seconds. 


Well at this point I could stand no more, but if I may, the food industry, advertising, evil men (etc ad nauseum) do not make me or you fat.  We do by eating and drinking too much.  This is a free choice and it’s far better to have it than be a slim and healthy eastern European shivering in a queue for government bread or a starving North Korean slave.  I am given to understand thhose unfortunates are about five inches shorter on average than their South Korean neighbours due to malnutrition.  Now that is truly evil, not some guy freely selling chocolate bars.     


Ayn Rand said “The man who lets a leader prescribe his course is a wreck being towed to the scrap heap” Sounds about right to me. 


  1. Lynne says:

    SAoT, thanks for confirming the reasons I chose not to watch. I have middle-age spread because I like good grub but my capacity for exercise is limited to swimming because of a spinal injury. Chocolate is my major vice (i don’t drink or smoke) and I am going to enjoy it, damn it! I’m comfortable with my body shape although the fatmongers think I shouldn’t be and I get lectured at length whenever I visit my local surgery (fuck ‘em). I do not have a stick insect mentality or the matching metabolism and anyone who thinks I should have can go take a long walk into an active lava pit.

    If the Beeboids don’t like it they can always remove me from their client base…

  2. NickM says:

    Interesting Lynne. You appreciate the same people (or their mates) are running “Be comfortable with the body you are in!” because of eating disorders. Joined up government eh? The counterpart to the men who made you fat are the models who made you anorexic.

  3. Lynne says:

    No I appreciate the people who tell the food fascists on both sides of the equation to go fuck themselves. Who are they to dictate what people should and shouldn’t eat? What they should or shouldn’t look like?

    I have love handles. I’m to blame. I enjoyed creating them (all too easy after giving birth). I’m heading for 60 and don’t give a shit. :)

    If I’ve misinterpreted what you are trying to say then it’s my bad. Put it down to the lack of a chocolate hit.

  4. dcardno says:

    No upcoming hand-wringer about “the men who make you stupid” by promulgating this sort of tripe, I take it?

  5. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “No upcoming hand-wringer about “the men who make you stupid” by promulgating this sort of tripe, I take it?”

    Ha ha ha….. Brilliantly observed.

  6. SadButMadLad says:

    I watched one episode of that programme and made it to the end, but my health was seriously affected by it. Stress levels were going through the roof and I was shouting at the tv.

    If you ever want a programme to show how bad the BBC is then it’s a perfect example.

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