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International Man of Mystery...

International Man of Mystery...

CEO of G4S

CEO of G4S


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Does this mean the 10,000 Olympic security guards will be Liz Hurley clones in miniskirts and boots?

  2. PJH says:

    Have you sent this off to the letters section of Private Eye yet?

  3. RAB says:

    Parts his hair on the other side, but otherwise pretty close. What and incredible lashup these Games are going to be eh? Can’t say we here didn’t warn them though, can they? Banned chips and long lens cameras now too! Long lens cameras? Why for fuck’s sake! So that’ll be me and Nick bounced out of the stadium by a hastily trained Afgan asylum seeker in uniform, with less command of English than our dog then! But both of us are smart enough not to have bought a ticket.

  4. NickM says:

    Well, RAB, weather permitting this is airshow season and you can bring what you want photo-wise to those. Oh, and the tax-payer doesn’t pick-up a heffalumping bill. I just let rip with the DSLR at Vulcan XH558 last year. A load of Kenyans or Ethiopians running round and round doesn’t match-up, really. Especially not when you have Brendan Foster discussing “tactics”. Tactics?

  5. RAB says:

    Talking of the Vulcan…

    Last year I had just been walking the bonkers dog in our local park, come in and made myself a cup of coffee and was looking out my kitchen window, when I noticed some cranes on the horizon towards Filton. I wondered what they were doing so I got out the binoculars (an extension to Southmead hospital) to have a look. I was just about to put the bins down, when the Vulcan hove into view.

    I couldn’t believe it! I watched it do its display for a full ten minutes with the binoculars, and my jaw dropped when it did that vertical climb thing, turn on a sixpence and come straight down again. I didn’t know bombers could do that! Like you said on another thread, the damn thing was as nimble as a fighter!

    I still have no idea why it was there, as there were no displays on that I could see, I’m just eternally grateful for having accidentally copped and eyeful when I did.

  6. Mr Ed says:

    Glad to see Vulcan fans here, had a random fly-by from the one and only remaining, XH558, walking to pub for a birthday drink, hooked at once.

    More info in it here, including airshows (Clacton on 23rd August).

  7. Mr Ed says:

    Bomb aimer’s view of Vulcan display at RIAT.

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