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Make it so…

Can we remove that rotten sidebar about gay marriage?

Firstly it doesn’t do it’s job. Cats put it up to support His Grace Cranmer. I doubt a casual reader would clock that. It just makes it look like the Kitty Kounters are against gay marriage and I’m not. As I’ve said umpteen times here this is not exactly a gay rights issue anymore. There are certain religious groups who actively want the right to legally marry same-sex couples. These groups such as the Quakers and certain branches of Methodism and Judaism already have the right to marry heterosexual couples. This also makes it a religious freedom issue. But essentially that video just doesn’t come over as supporting freedom of speech.

Secondly although the ASA getting involved is too put it mildly bizarre and possibly a dangerous precedent nothing came of it. The ASA were also technically right (even if it ought not to be any of their business) and the 70% figure is undoubtedly wrong. I support free speech but I will be buggered if I’ll support it with a video that is to put it mildly disingenuous.

Thirdly. It’s old news and Cranmer is still delivering his sermons (and long shall he do so I hope). He is someone I read at least once a week. I agree sometimes and disagree some other times – not that that has anything to do with his inalienable right to say what he pleases. I wouldn’t want to read a blog I agreed with 100% all the time. All my posts would become “What that guy said!”

Finally. It’s bloody irritating. It runs too fast. It is really distracting.

And even more finally… I find the idea of a moral issue being argued about in terms of a majority – whether real or fanciful quite unpleasant. We’re all individuals – right?


  1. CountingCats says:

    An email would have done the job……

  2. NickM says:

    Thank you. I did though want to make my objections explicit to everyone.

  3. CountingCats says:

    That’s reasonable, and it had outlived its purpose anyway.

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