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From Direct Line:

Apropos of nothing they offer me home insurance for GBP261.03 pa.

This is based upon…

Owner occupied.

It isn’t.


Sort of.

Period of build 1980-1989.

It was built in 1600. Obviously work has been done since like electricity and gas and stuff. I no longer have to “fetch pit pony” and the letters turn-up by internet because the Royal Mail needs a Moist. They generally tend not to be able to organize a blow-job in a monkey whore-house even if they turned-up a truckload of bananas.

No. of bedrooms: 3.

Two actually but if Direct Line want to extend my home (it is grade II listed mind) buck-shee then grand!

No. of occupants: 2 adults, 1 child.

Well, I’m 38, my wife is 33 and Timmy is 7. Timmy is a cat though. Behaves like a child mind. Well, like a kitten which is much the same.

It goes on. It is all utter speculation. Utter spam because there must be quite a few folks those specs fit.


  1. microdave says:

    We get similar mailshots from other insurers, always quoting 4 bedrooms, even though ours (and hundreds just like it in the area) are 3 bedroomed…

    Direct Line got badly mauled in the money pages of the Mail the other day:

  2. NickM says:

    Actually MD, what I do find interesting about the DL thing is what they know about me. And what is really interesting is the assumptions. I think they are basing it on just demographics purely on my age.

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