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Keith Vaz

This morning – certainly not for first time – I saw Keith Vaz, MP put up by the BBC as a moral crusader. All of this is from wikipedia but I recall it from other media. But let us consider Mr Vaz’s record…

Shortly after being elected in 1989, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester calling for Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses to be banned

So he doesn’t believe in freedom of speech – magic.

In February 1990, after a bombing attack by the IRA against a British Army recruiting centre in Leicester, Vaz publicly suggested that the Army had stored explosives on the premises.

So what? If the British Army are not allowed to stock explosives then what is the point of them?

In February 2000, the Parliamentary standards watchdog Elizabeth Filkin began an investigation after allegations that Vaz had accepted several thousand pounds from a solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla, which he had failed to declare. The allegations were made by Andrew Milne, a former partner of Zaiwalla and were denied by both Vaz and Zaiwalla. He was censured for a single allegation – that he had failed to register two payments worth £4,500 in total from solicitor Sarosh Zaiwalla. Elizabeth Filkin accused Vaz of blocking her investigation into eighteen of the allegations.

You and me couldn’t could we? We are the little people.

In January 2001, immigration minister Barbara Roche revealed in a written Commons reply that Vaz, along with Peter Mandelson and other MPs, had contacted the Home Office about the Hinduja brothers. She said that Vaz had made inquiries about when a decision on their application for citizenship could be expected.

On 25 January, Vaz had become the focus of Opposition questions about the Hinduja affair and many parliamentary questions were tabled, demanding that he fully disclose his role. Vaz said via a Foreign Office spokesman that he would be “fully prepared” to answer questions put to him by Sir Anthony Hammond QC who had been asked by the Prime Minister to carry out an inquiry into the affair.

Vaz had known the Hinduja brothers for some time; he had been present when the charitable Hinduja Foundation was set up in 1993, and also delivered a speech in 1998 when the brothers invited Tony and Cherie Blair to a Diwali celebration.

Conspiring with Mandy and the Hindujas and the Blairs… The fucker is guilty as sin.

But read the whole thing.

Because it gets worse and worse and Vaz is clearly a sheer crook. But I am up to 400 words and that is more than enough for a blog post.

So tell me why does the BBC (and others) regard Keith Vaz as a home of moral probity?

Because he isn’t?


  1. Edward Lud says:

    It is a curious thing, this process by which reviled, disgraced or discredited and useless public figures are laundered into new clothes: Roy Hattersley became an intellectual, Neil Kinnock a statesman, Jonathan Aitken a missionary and campaigner for prisoners (I think), Billy Hague an historian. The list is long and distinguished only by its members’ lack of distinction.

  2. Mac the Knife says:

    “In February 1990, after a bombing attack by the IRA against a British Army recruiting centre in Leicester, Vaz publicly suggested that the Army had stored explosives on the premises.”

    In a recruiting office?!! What was he supposing? That the Army blows up unsuitable candidates?

    Once a tool…

  3. NickM says:

    Roy Hattersley an “intellectual”! There are things in my fridge struggling against the Cif to build a noble and enlightened microbial civilization more “intellectual” than that meaningless gobshite…

  4. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    I can only agree with your comments.

  5. NickM says:

    Well… I dunno but I bet Vaz was going on rumour. From my few experiences military (they tend to be tri-services these days) look like building societies so don’t have stuff like that “round the back”. I was rejected from the East Midlands Universities Air Squadron for my R/G colour blindness. I was told that as a bright lad and doing physics and all to re-apply after graduation for a ground role. I thought fuck that! The only reason I was talking to them is to get a seat in a sports-car that would make a 911 Turbo look like a fucking mobility scooter driven carefully by a great aunt. It would have physically hurt me to be an intel or logistics officer (suggested) and not ride the thunder.

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    Wasn’t he the previous government’s nominated Euro cheerleader as well? I seem to recall him touring the country in a big blue bus or trailer or something, telling everyone how wonderful it was going to be, then returning to inform the House that he hadn’t heard a single word of dissent from the plebs.

    I wouldn’t trust the entire political class as far as I could throw the lot of them, but Vaz is firmly at the bottom of the list.

  7. Edward Lud says:

    Nick, in the British Army it’s called “Int”, not “Intel” (or at least it was in my day). Pet peeve of mine, sorry. Like Channel 4 news referring to something called a “lootenant”, or a “brigadier general”.

  8. RAB says:

    Vaz washes whiter…

  9. Mac the Knife says:

    “Vaz washes whiter…”

    Shiter shurely?

    Lud – I’d forgotten that. Spent many a comfortable half-hour daydreaming through int. briefings. Got what I needed at subsequent O groups, and put a bloody sight more faith in ‘em too.

    Nick – No wings? You? Oh, I could just see you organising maintenance schedules and walking around with the smell of aviation B in your nostrils listening to the lucky boys taking off and landing. You would’ve gone mental in a little under twenty-six minutes…

  10. NickM says:

    Perhaps too much Tom Clancy, too much time in the USA, too many computer games…

    I think RAB was making a ref to Daz the famous washing powder brand. Actually quite a witty one. Keith Vaz having gone through “difficulties” that would have landed us in chokey but he emerges as a sort of elder statesman type. He’s fucking Teflon.

    And no. Whilst I appreciate what the boys and girls on the deck do unless I’m doing Mach 1.3 with a MiG on the HUD I’m best out of it. Of course I could be a drunkard crop-duster and save the world from alien invasion. That was bloody ridiculous. It is happy that

  11. John Galt says:

    The difficulty has always been that there are few Hindu’s in Parliament (and even fewer Muslims), such that when one does get elected they suffer from the worst excesses of PC tokenism.

    It is quite obvious that Keith Vaz has the morals of a slime mold and doesn’t mind indulging in a bit of light corruption to line his own pockets. He has only gotten away with it because as an MP there is a reluctance to prosecute.

    In theory there might be “One law for all” in the UK, but when it comes to MP’s there certainly isn’t and for PC tokenists such as Keith Vaz there certainly isn’t.

  12. John Galt says:

    I also agree with NickM, “It is happy that”

    But only when

  13. Mac the Knife says:

    I got the Daz reference, but no power on earth could have stopped me from attaching a scatological reference to Saint Keith… :)

  14. NickM says:

    Keith Vaz is (or claims to be) a Roman Catholic. I guess certain of the Ten Commandments he skipped over though I have no knowledge of him being a maker of graven images. He lacks the artistry for that. Of course coveting his neighbour’s ass etc. is absolutely par for the course with politicos. They covet everything you own. Obviously I don’t have an ass (this being the C21st) but they will tax your car to utter buggery.

  15. Lynne says:

    Vaz deference? What else would you expect from a bunch of beeboid dickheads.

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