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Pic of the Day.

Taking on the world and winning: Mo Farah crosses the line to win the 10,000m


No wonder he ran so fast! Isn’t that Tony Blair coming up behind him? Smile


  1. Mac the Knife says:

    Yes, RUPP isn’t a name, it’s an acronym for Right Up People’s Plugs…

  2. NickM says:

    Very good RAB. What amused me was all the talk on the BBC of te Brit and the Yank stuffing the Africans. I thought Sophie and Sue were going to don pith helmets, grab the Martini-Henrys and retake Uganda.

  3. RAB says:

    It’s the Chinese who are donning the Pith helmets now Nick, and the Guardianistas have gone very quiet about it for some reason.

  4. jameshigham says:

    Similar sentiment going up from Mark at OoL.

  5. Shawn says:

    I’m a stupid Yank and even I laughed out loud at that.

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