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Pic of the Week… Dame Edna and Sir Les…

In the money: Cherie and Tony Blair

And the story to go with it…

Socialism, thy name now is theft and greed. My old friend Viscount Tonypandy  is currently powering most of the North of Cardiff by spinning in his grave.

Notice that it is Dress Down Friday at the Olympic Stadium, and the place is completely empty. Wouldn’t want our Royal couple lynched… er  mobbed no would we?


  1. john in cheshire says:

    They disgust me.

  2. Kevin B says:

    I blame myself. I’d been out in the garden exposing my body to the dreadful rays of the sun, and then I’d come inside and eaten a salad, the fourth one of the year already. And, to go with the slices of beef and ham, the packaged salad had been pre-washed! There I was, calmly washing it down with a glass of Turner Road Merlot, when I browsed to one of my favorite sites and what did I see but a picture of a couple of sharks, one live, one dead, (at least judging by the eyes). Bizarely, the live one, with blood dripping from its lips, was wrapped in baco-foil.

    Too many sins against propriety in one day Kevin. I don’t know what the rest of you did to deserve this abomination but mea culpa.

    Then I read the article.

    Now this was a real philosophical, perhaps metaphysical, conundrum for a Sunday evening.

    What a great idea setting up a chain of surgeries in Sainsbury’s! But… Cherie Blair ffs.

    Good luck setting the company up in the Cayman isles! Starve the beast I say. But… Cherie Blair ffs.

    Nice choice of business partner! But… Cherie Blair ffs.

    I think I need another glass of wine.

  3. LJH says:

    There should be an event involving lots of local people, flaming torches and piano wire with this pair given a start in the arena. I’d pay to watch, after years of idleness I’d even want to run. Locog could flog the television rights and it would have more authentic feelgood factor than the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

  4. Henry Crun says:

    Has Sir Les had a stroke? Her mouth looks funny.

  5. General Pyston Broak says:

    Actually, it’s photographed at the Emirates stadium, home of Arsenal FC

  6. RAB says:

    I am grateful to you for that info General, but it just makes it murkier in snouts in trough land doesn’t it?

    Emirates Stadium? Sir Les the roving Ambassador for Middle East Peace an’ all! Islington! And much to Nick’s chagrin I’m sure, Tone is supposed to be a Newcastle United supporter, not an Arsenal one.

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