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Anyone out there an expert, the real deal, in Exchange 2010? In migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 for a client I cannot induce the 2003 public folders to move or replicate to the 2011 site.

I need an experienced ear….

BTW, the Australian Government are about to fall. The forecasts are Julia will be gone within a week or two. All over behavior from seventeen years ago when she was “young and naive” – her words.

Bad choice of boyfriends I guess.


  1. Mr Ecks says:

    Are there any slightly sane parties left in Austrailia? I don’t know that scene so it is to be hoped some sort of anti-green/anti-feminist/pro-freedom party can get in before the vast potential of Aus is totally destroyed and the chinese buy whats left for a song.

  2. CountingCats says:

    The Australian Liberal Party (right of centre, classical liberal, tory) are somewhat more sane than than the UK Tories, and the Labor Party shows signs of distancing themselves from the Greens and their absurdities, as opposed to embracing them, following the next election.

  3. Bod says:

    Bad choice of boyfriends?

    Sounds like the American Electorate in 2008.

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