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You have one new text message ~ duck!

Now if I was Iran and I wanted to fuck with Israel in a way that hurts ‘em, but not to such a degree that it invites or otherwise justifies a military attack, I look at this report and I chuckle.


The idea is apparently* that if Israel attacks Iran and if Iran shoots back, there will be some national text message system of warning, 


So straight away, I’m getting my telecom guys to create fake attack warning messages.  This disruption to the Israeli economy and general shredding of nerves could be achieved really cheaply whilst causing considerable disruption.  If it ever comes to a shooting war, I am also monitoring the official Israeli texts saying that the last one was an Iranian fake and sending out duplicates of them if I ever do attack to maximise the results of the attack. 


And it’s not like Israel could really complain about cyber-warfare with Stuxnet and all, although I am sure they would be whining all the way to the White House about it.



(* I’m still not entirely convinced this isn’t just enhanced sabre rattling, though you can never rule anything our when lunatic asylum one deals with lunatic asylum two).


  1. Tom M says:

    you had better watch slight taking of the piss out of Israel on blogs such as this seems to be equated with child abuse and other vile acts. Watch out for some abuse coming your way.

  2. Smoking Scot says:

    Actually they’ve been at this cyber warfare for ages.

    Much to the humiliation of the US, the Iranians hijacked the electronics of one of their most sophisticated drones, then landed it safely, then showed it to the world, then took the whole thing to bits, then gave every single detail to the Russians as well as the Chinese (and possibly the North Koreans).

    The message was very simple and clearly understood.

    The Israeli’s have been under constant cyber attack since they messed around with the Palestinian mobile phone and internet network following their admission to UNESCO. They’ve hit their banks as well as their Stock Exchange and – rumour has it – even their missile defense network.

    Some of it comes from Kuwait as well.

    Israel of course has been killing Iranian nuclear scientists as fast as they can and they hacked into their oil export terminal, causing massive disruption.

    There’s a lot of learning going on at the moment – and they’re all getting very good indeed at it. Some of the viruses they’ve developed are very sophisticated and, if they ever get on to the Web, the damage could be dramatic.

    But most of this has to do with the US elections – and getting more money out of the Yanks.

  3. NickM says:

    OK the loss of the RQ-170 over Iran was not good. But did Iran hack it’s systems? I suspect not. The simple truth is that aerial drones are much cheaper than manned aircraft. This means they are regarded as expendable. In the post 9/11 wars very many drones have been lost but very few manned fighters (it’s different for helicopters because they’re just crap).

    Now when the RQ-170 was displayed in a sports hall in Iran it’s lower parts were shrouded. Much as though Prince Harry’s maybe ought to have been. Now this implies to me it had a rough belly landing. That further implies to me that even if the Iranians had hacked it they had a limited control over it. I suspect something went wrong and this was accident. Obviously a happy accident for the Ayatollahs but an accident nonetheless. Huge numbers of things could have gone wrong from a datalink fail to the simple fact this was a very new aircraft. Yeah, it fell into the wrongest of hands and I do not doubt they got on the horn to Moscow, Beijing and Pyongyang ASAP – “You’ll never guess what landed on our patch…).

    As to Stuxnet. It could have been Israel – that is very plausible. but they are not the only ones with a dog in this fight. Here is a madcap idea. It was designed by one of Iran’s “chums”. Look Russia, China, Norkland have no positive interest in Iran getting nukes but if they can wreck their centrifuges and then sell ‘em even more… Ker-ching! Or have I just developed an ultra devious mind playing Civ? That is the thing about games. They teach you to do things of staggering amorality that are so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox. The things I did! They were beyond any Bond villain.

    PS. I did sixth-form work experience in a genetics lab. This involved working with ultra-centrifuges. Now if you don’t load ‘em right the result is potentially catastrophic – I mean bits of metal flying off with a velocity capable of taking down the building. If you hack the control systems much the same I suspect.

    As to “getting money out of the yanks”. Dubious. Obviously Israel gets a lot of cash to spend on weapons from the USA. Now is this because of the infamous US Jewish lobby or is this mere pork? Yes, an Israeli Pork barrel. Imagine you’re a congressman in DC an Israel wants to buy (at least partially with US funds) a 100 F-16I Sufas and your district includes the LockMart plant in Dallas-Fort worth where they make ‘em. And if that sale doesn’t go through not only do LockMart have to make a shed-load of people with good jobs redundant but maybe close the line. That’s gonna look great when you com-up for re-election. “Vote for Rep Smith – the bloke who made it a ghost town on food stamps!”.

    Look, Late block F-16s with conformal tanks and AESA radars are bloody good fighter-bombers and they are still (despite the F-35) selling well. The funding from the Federal government to Israel (and other nations) Keynsianly pump primes all of this by reducing unit costs. This sells more ‘planes, this keeps more US citizens in good jobs and this predisposes them to vote for any electable person who keeps it going. Now bear in mind here that a block-60 F-16 has a fly away price of less than a third of an F-35. The F-35 has some features the Viper doesn’t but is in many ways F-16 is at least as good and in some better. It is also “cheap” for a certain value of “cheap” because it’s R&D is well sunk and it is essentially production lined. It’s therefore cheap because it’s cheap if you see what I mean.

  4. jameshigham says:

    Doubt the White House has much truck with Israel.

  5. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    @ NickM ~ I understand they hacked the military GPS to make the drone think it was elsewhere, unconfirmed of course.

  6. Mr Ed says:

    My sympathies for Israel are somewhat diminished by their illegal settlements (which also incorporate rampant welfarism) in the West Bank, and Begin’s support for Galtieri’s junta during the Falklands War (making common cause with Ghadaffi), rewarded by Argentine inaction over Iranian backed bombs in BA.

    @NickM I worked for 4 years with genetics lab centrifuges, used to separate DNA molecules at c 100,000 rpm. Failures were rare, imbalances become apparent far below operating speesd and shut down mechanisms kick in on an imbalance arising. One incident that became legendary was a rotor failurewhen the mass limit was exceeded. Someone had used a Caesium chloride solution but forgot that it was denser than water, exceeding the rotor weight limit. The rotor disintegrated at top speed.

    Gas centrifuges for Uranium enrichment are quite different.

  7. NickM says:

    I don’t believe that. It’s gotta have a GPS/inertial nav system. I think it was a happy accident for the Iranians. I certainly hope to Hell those nutters can’t hack military GPS. That would amount to a sort of Enigma code level of breakthrough.

    Mr Ed,
    Thanks. Interesting. I was just the work experience kid and I know nowt about centrifugal Uranium enrichment. I stand corrected.

  8. Mr Ed says:

    Nick. There was also enough heavy water in the labs to set the heroes of Telemark off on a mission, and Uranium was used in electron microscopy. We could have caused a huge scare with a few ‘intelligence’ reports.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    I was in Israel in March – preperations to try and survive an Iranian attack were well under way.

    I will (touch wood) be back in November.

    The war may have started by then.

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