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Peer and Unclothing in Las Vegas…

As The Lone Stranger rides into the Sun Set, and is summoned to Balmoral for words of advice and admonishment from his “Dad” (though what sort of ticking off Chuckles Buggerlugs III can possibly administer after the “Tampon Tapes” episode, I can’t possibly imagine. Hasn’t got a hairy be-kilted leg to stand on, has he?).

Is that it? is that all this Carry On was all about? A couple of grainy pathetic pics of a bloke ripped to the tits and enjoying himself? What a strange faux pious yet prurient people we Brits are. We watch entire series of “Reality” programmes where parents film their kids getting up to no good in Benidorm and laugh about it, but when it’s the very brave bloke who is third in line to the Throne does it, the Chicken Little’s are out in force.

“dreadful role model… unacceptable behaviour… and from the lefties… rich bastards running amuck on our money… etc etc et bleedin cetera.

Time to grow up Britain. Harry did nothing that the rest of us haven’t done or would do, given the opportunity at his age. He’s young, he’s single and he’s rich. He may be on Bollinger and the rest of us on Snakebite, but he’s a bloke, just like us, foolish and fancy free maybe, but he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. I’ll bet Harry is now the best loved Royal of the entire crew.


  1. Mr Ed says:

    If it had been Prince Edward, it would have been news!

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    Amen to that, RAB, all of it.

  3. NickM says:

    You said what I’d been thinking. And yes, a lecture on sexual morality from Chuckles is like a a lecture on not being anti-semitic from an Ayatollah in Iran.

    I have done questionable things.

    As to the “chicken littles”. I am with you. I am currently watchin “Midsommer Murders” and the latest murder involved a bloke stealing a pitch-marking kit. Drawing a bullseye on the victim’s lawn pinning the victim down with his own croquet hoops and then killing him by the use of a small trebuchet and as ammunition wine bottles from the fellow’s own cellar. All watched by the victim’s wife who said “left a bit, right a bit”.

    That is utterly depraved. But that is OK with the Express set who would probably regard a navel piercing as beyond the pale.

    Yes, RAB, bang on post!

    And yeah, a single bloke with cash on the hip (lots – mainly from his Mum who his “Dad” spectacularly and serially betrayed dreadfully) getting up to antics that yes, I’d have been well up for at his age and he a combat pilot (and I’ve read a lot on that and what the “Few” did!)

    Another way. Harry is articulate, good-looking, brave and minted so he has a debauch – good for him! Chuckles looks like he has a Duchy Original organic butternut squash up his arse and mumbles and talks best bollocks when it can be understood and Harry is young free and single and Chuckles shagged Camilla (by all accounts) the night before his wedding to a naive 19 year old virgin. Sorry Chuckles the moral high-ground has seriously subsiided beneath you many years back.

  4. Penseivat says:

    As the ‘heir’ has already been born and named, being the ‘spare’ (in case of accidents) can be a pretty awful position to be in – just ask Andy! Harry has to find his way in life and will soon have to knuckle down to a politically correct, stifingly boring, way of life. While he is young, he is finding his feet, confirming his identity as his own man and, as so many of his peers have found, there will always be a hanger-on who will take advantage of their situation to make a bit of cash. He is obviously heterosexual – are you reading this Edward? – and enjoys being surrounded by good looking women (aided by the latest in plastic surgery by the news videos). Who can lame him for that, and who amongst us wouldn’t have changed places with him if they could? The Police minders may have to reconsider their career prospects and can only assume that they were hiding very small calibre weapons while carrying out their duty. By the way, why do all those American women have voices which seem to croak when they talk? Much rather have a soft-spoken West country woman whispering sweet nothings.

  5. Lynne says:

    I’m with you, RAB. The bloke is entitled to party with his mates and some willing fillies. So what if he is third in line? Where is it carved in stone that he must live like a monk to fulfill that role? At least he isn’t a raging hypocrite like his old man.

  6. Obligato says:

    The real question of national security is this:-

    How come our Apache attack helicopter pilots have such poor hand-eye coordination that they LOSE a game of strip Pool with Vegas party girls?

  7. RAB says:

    Well apparently Harry was only wearing shorts to start with, so one missed pot…

    Edward VII partied his whole life. If we still taught history in this country people would know that a royal prince gets a mistress on his 16th birthday whether they want one or not. Edward’s one took up Needlepoint ;-)

    I thought someone might have mentioned the Hunter Thompson pun though, I took all of five minutes crafting that.

  8. John Galt says:

    I thought someone might have mentioned the Hunter Thompson pun though, I took all of five minutes crafting that.

    We spotted it RAB, but out of respect for your good self, only sighed inwardly and ignored it.

  9. RAB says:

    What a Gentleman you are John!

  10. NickM says:

    We are all educated men and women of the world here ;-) Of course we got it! Just didn’t like to say…

  11. Sam Duncan says:

    I like that sort of thing, RAB, as you probably spotted from my comment to your last post. But as Nick says, there isn’t anyone round here who wouldn’t get that one. I thought it wasn’t worth mentioning. Good one, though. :)

  12. Robert Edwards says:

    I am told (but do not know for certain – times change) that he will be invited to an IWC – an Interview Without Coffee. A fly on the wall might provide an interesting insight. And he will stand to attention. (Snork).

    But be in no doubt that the Army will take this matter q. seriously. But only ‘quite’. Anyone else would have a firm note appended to his file. And perhaps he will, too; this is not ‘conduct becoming an officer and gentleman’. But then, neither was his father’s. Screwing the wife of a brother officer is, and should remain, ‘bad form’.

    So I agree wholeheartedly with RAB, at least in the family context. At least Harry was found out in Las Vegas, where, I am informed, ‘anything goes’…

  13. RAB says:

    Sob! I work my fingers to the bone, day in and day out trying to amuse them, but the buggers round here are too clever by half! :-)

    And I wonder Robert, what will be appended to the files of Harry’s Close Protection Officers? Who obviously fell down on the job bigtime. It seems almost surreal that Harry has protection officers in civvy street but has to go it alone on the front line in the Stan. Perhaps on his next tour of duty they could be drafted along too. “Pack your brown trousers I think, Sargeant…

  14. Robert Edwards says:

    Appended to Harry’s confidential report will probably be something like this old military chestnut:

    “The men will follow this Officer anywhere; if only out of curiosity…”

    BTW, I also got the HST reference, but forebore from making it obvious…

  15. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “How come our Apache attack helicopter pilots have such poor hand-eye coordination that they LOSE a game of strip Pool with Vegas party girls?”

    I can only think perhaps ~ friendly fire?

  16. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “Harry has protection officers in civvy street but has to go it alone on the front line in the Stan”

    Er, is the SBS squadron looking after someone else then?

  17. Robert Edwards says:

    Well, let us hope that it didn’t collapse into ‘assault with a friendly weapon’…

  18. jameshigham says:

    Wonder what Randy Andy thinks of it all – bitter regret that he’s no longer young?

  19. RAB says:

    Poor Andy is reduced to getting a grip on his Mashie Niblick these days James.

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