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Cheshire East

That is where I live according to the gubbermunt. I call it East Cheshire but clearly that isn’t as dynamic as “Cheshire East“. “Go East!” as the Pet Shop Boys didn’t sing.

Anyway, through the door I get today the free-sheet detailing all the wonderful things Cheshire East does for me. There is some stuff on parenting which if I had kids I would feel abysmally patronized by and a speech by the council boss in which he promises the earth but clearly can’t be arsed to fix my road which increasingly resembles a fucking goat track in Mogadishu.

And there is also the council “cabinet” line-up. I almost bouked with merriment when I saw who held the environment portfolio…

Councillor Rod Menlove (Conservative and the upstanding member for Wilmslow East).

Here he is:

And this is about him.

Rod Menlove.

Jebus fucking wept.

I mean he might be a real nice bloke but growing up called Rod Menlove carries a whole carousel of baggage. At least he wasn’t called “Roger”. His parents spared him that at least.


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    You have a stonger stomach than me. Hampshire decided to let me know what they were up to today and it went straight in the bin, I just can’t tolerate the propaganda.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    The “cabinet system” in local government was a mistake.

    Those few places that managed to hold out against it (sadly Ketting was not one of them) followed the right path.

    On a lighter note……

    I have just heard of Vice President Biden’s latest misadventure.

    He was just making a quick trip to Detroit to boast of the success of Comrade Barack’s auto bailout (which B.O. has pledged to apply to the “entire economy” – what bailouts for EVERY company?). In reality, in spite of vast subsidies and being allowed to default on its debts (including to the Indiana teacher and police pension funds) the pathetic Government Motors (dominated by the United Auto Workers Union) is still falling apart.

    But that is not what caught my eye.

    You see the car of Joe Biden (an SUV carrying his Vice President stuff – whatever that it is) GOT STOLEN in delightful MoTown (the bankrupt wasteland that Joe says is doing so well).

    Motor City indeed – for stolen ones anyway.

    I think I would rather be Rod Menlove than Joe Biden.

    Better a stupid name – than no brain.

  3. Red Admiral says:

    As a kid I used to cross Menlove Avenue in Liverpool regularly to play football, and I swear the name never occurred to this smutty schoolboy.

  4. Talwin says:

    I may have mentioned this before – it’s something I just have to do when the subject of iffy names comes up. But some years ago I came upon an African chap(maybe Swaziland) whose name really, really was Lovemore Dick. Just so; spelt like that – the works.

  5. Talwin says:

    Christ! I just Googled Lovemore Dick. Perhaps I should have done so before posting above. Instead of getting a load of porn sites (a possibility you’d think) there are Lovemore Dick(s) all over the place: Facebook, MySpace & someone in Illinois. Common as muck then and little reason to titter.

  6. RAB says:


    When I worked in the Crown Court in Bristol we had a young black WPC come into the box to give evidence who gave her name as… Adora Dick. Hankies out and stiffled giggles all round, before she had even started giving evidence. I talked to her in the pub across the road in the lunchtime recess… apparently she has a brother called Ivor. Parents can be utter bastards at times can’t they?

  7. ReefKnot says:

    I thought the Coalition Government were going to stop this self-publicity at Council taxpayers expense nonsense ?

    Obviously my bad, as they say.

  8. His parents may have spared him, but he rather callously named his son Richard.

  9. jameshigham says:

    Or Menlove Fitz-rod.

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