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I’ve got a problem with a Lenovo S205 laptop. I did a clean re-install (back to initial config) from the “hidden” partition.

So it should go back to “factory fresh”. And it did, fine, and load up all windows updates (7 Home Premium) but there is one problem. For some reason beyond my ken it seems to be running a US K/B driver. It simply states under “devices” that it’s a standard PS/2 K/B and I can’t effing shift it or find an S205 K/B driver of any description apart from – I kid you not – “phonetic Bulgarian”. I mean normally I just find a driver I need and… sorted. Or is there something else?

Any help gladly appreciated.



  1. NickM says:

    Shoots and scores. Thanks a lot!

    I hate Control Panel Etc. in Vista/7. The fact that changing tap settings etc isn’t via the mouse put the pointer thingie under “themes”. Themes used to be purely look and functionality all used to be… I despair.

    But what I don’t understand is why when my wife first got this machine the same hidden partition defaults to a UK K/B but when re-jiggled from the very same hidden partition it decides it’s a US keyboard. That boggles me.

    My wife gives you this. X


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