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The latest series

Why yes, yes it is.


  1. Lynne says:

    The gunslinger one was very dire. But then I’ve had serious problems enjoying DW for some time now.

  2. PJH says:

    So it’s not just me that think the plots are crap this time round.

    Moffat said he wasn’t having an arc this time round, and I think it’s to the show’s detriment.

  3. GW says:

    Concur with all of the above. Let’s hope that Dr. Who hasn’t jumped the shark.

  4. jameshigham says:

    And your opinion- is it any good?

  5. RAB says:

    Gets popcorn…

    Waits for Nick ;-)

    But for myself I watched the Dalek episode twice and couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

  6. john in cheshire says:

    This series, up to now, is utter rubbish. I had a discussion about it with my 14 year old nephew and he confirms my feelings. In fact, it is a subject of discussion at his school and his mates (some who are Dr Who enthusiasts) also agree with my assessment. They have confirmed my views, not responded to my assertions. It’s time for some other writers to be used to produce the stories. And they need to be less ambitious in the storylines; too much is supposed to happen in each episode such that what might just be an interesting theme has to be resolved far too quickly. Another contention of mine, confirmed by my nephew and his mates is that there is not enough action and too much emotional stuff. Both he and I don’t watch Dr Who in order to see variations of Love Story – we want to see aliens being blasted to kingdom come. Dr Who is a boy’s, man’s programme so get rid of the girly touchy-feely crap.

  7. Bod says:


    Utter crud. Seriously. I can’t understand how a show that has Karen Gillan doing those brief (probably deliberate) 30 nanosecond pouts [I'll be in my bunk...] can simultaneously bore me as much as this stuff does.

    Oh, and the new chick. Holy crap, if Moffat hasn’t turned me off the series, she has.

  8. Simon Jester says:

    One of the things that kept the old show fresh (until the 80s) was that every few years, the producer and script editor would move on. (Douglas Adams was only script editor for one season!)

    It’s time for Moffat to move on.

  9. NickM says:

    Oh, Lordy!
    Where to start… JiC. I get you. “Fetch me a teenager!”. This is a post not a comment.

  10. johnpd says:

    It’s sure not Robert Heinlein.

  11. Lynne says:

    The cyborg looked like the demonic offspring of a Kryten and Mad Max coupling.

  12. Laird says:

    No argument from me, but I think a large part of the problem is Matt Smith. He’s too emotional and emotive to be a good Doctor; he should be more reserved and ascerbic. I’m sure better directors could have toned him down, but none has so I think it’s how he conceives the role. Time for a new incarnation.

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