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Larry Pickering

nuddymontage2Pickering was one of the worlds great political cartoonists in his heyday during the 70’s. Pickerings Jungle was a weekly read in the The Australian newspaper on Saturday mornings and his annual calendars, featuring full fronted, naked, and highly detailed caricatures of celebrities and politicians were a must buy on all sides of politics. Pity his gallery seems to be down as I write.

Anyway, in the last year his anger at the state of Australian politics has induced Pickering out of a thirty year retirement and back into cartooning, news analysis and blogging.

His greatest accolade since re-emerging was from Prime Minister Julia Gillard when, expressed in ill concealed fury, she described his site as ”vile and sexist”, and was clearly aiming at him in her reference to ”misogynist nut jobs on the internet” , in front of a Canberra press conference.

All because he posted, and is continuing to post under the oh so subtle title “Is the Prime Minister a Crook”, questions to her about past activities. You see, Ms Gillard lost her job as partner at a major law firm in the 90’s following her having helped her then bed partner, a married man and a senior union official, set up a “slush fund” (her words at the time) into which, allegedly, hundreds of thousands of union members dollars disappeared.

Prime Minister Gillards excuse is that, at age 33 and an established partner at a law firm which specialised in work for unions, she was “young and naive”.

Tch, tch.

Doesn’t help her peace of mind that Pickering has gone back to drawing politicians naked.


Anyway, this is his latest:

21092012 Links

I’m pleased to see him back. Maybe he’ll restart his calendars as well. That’ll piss Julia off.


  1. RAB says:

    I love cartoons. I almost became a Cartoonist, I got an offer of a job with the South Wales Echo when I was 16 (fairly nifty with a pen and pencil you see).

    One great cartoon can cut to the quick better than a thousand words of close reasoning or even satire can. Straight between the eyes in an instant.

    Good to know that Pickering (who I had previously never heard of) is back in the fray at 70. Damned good verbal site too, I have bookemarked it.

    Maybe I’ll try doing a few cartoons for you all. It behoves us oldies with time and money on our hands to be as uppity as possible given the dire circumstances that confront us.

  2. Andrew Duffin says:

    I notice he didn’t go so far as to depict the mad mullahs naked.

    Wonder why?

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Wonderful stuff.

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