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What’s your favourite pbuh?

Tim Blair is setting up a challenge, although, no prizes of course. Unless you think getting some murderous theo-fascist nutjob pissed off is prize enough.

Anyway, these guys who drink the Mo-Aid seem to be permanently pissed anyway, so what are they drinking, or, for those of us who need to know, what is the name of the pbuh they frequent?

Suggestions so far:

The Blinded Infidel, the Flag and Lighter, the Burning Citroen, the Click n Boom, The Horny Goat, the Moan and Frown, the Crane and Noose,the Vested Interest, the Satanic Verse, the Stoned Alive – you can just see it, live entertainment with new girls and fresh faces every night.

And my favourite – the Allahuakh Bar

Would you drink (fruit juice of course) at the Deflowered Child, the Sword at the Throat, or the Subdued Kufr? How about two pbuhs in healthy competition, right across from one another, the Christians Head, and the Headless Christian?

Raise the meme fellas, they can’t turn all of us into red mist before some western politician, somewhere, eventually, gets annoyed.


  1. Lynne says:

    They could rename the HoC bar the Dhimmi Arms. There would be no hands on the end of those arms of course. And we all know why that would be.

  2. Simon Jester says:

    How about “The 72 Raisins”?

  3. Robert Edwards says:

    What’s wrong with ‘The Saracen’s Head’?

  4. CountingCats says:

    As a pub it’s fine, not sure it’s suitable for a pbuh.

  5. macheath says:

    ‘The Rising Sunni’, perhaps?

    It’s all bringing back memories of covering an RE lesson in a C of E school, and a pupil, whose homework had been to research and prepare a presentation on a world religion, earnestly delivering an otherwise flawless talk on ‘Mohammed Pu-Boo’.

  6. Henry Crun says:

    The Rattling Sabre, The Film and Fatwa, and my personal fave, The Gaza Strip Club.

  7. RAB says:

    The Clit and Bottle?

  8. macheath says:

    In tribute to the editor of Charlie Hebdo, ‘The Frog and Fatwa’.

  9. David Gillies says:

    That fucking reflexive PBUH shit that it seems even us infidels are meant to put after the name Mohammed really makes me want to puke. I have started writing things like Mohammed (DIAF) or Mohammed (FOAD) just to express my displeasure at being expected to laud a schizophrenic Bedouin child molester who, if he were alive today and up to the sort of antics he’s described as enjoying in the Koran, would have been spattered into a few greasy chunks of offal by a Hellfire, and deservedly so. I don’t want peace on him, or a goodly portion of his followers. Islam has been an unmitigated evil which has in the course of its expansion put paid to something like 270 million people. Until the advent of Hitler and Stalin, Timur (AKA Tamburlaine) held the record for the number of people killed in Eurasian wars. The Islamic invasion of India was so brutal that there are entire cities whose presence can only be inferred, so thoroughly have they been wiped from the map. Fuck Mohammed, fuck PBUH, and fuck the camels he and his gang of barbarians rode in on.

  10. LJH says:

    The Jizzya and Jihad : serving expensive Bloody Mary’s
    The Thin and Fat Wa’s : speed dating nights
    The Prophet and Paedo : family friendly atmosphere
    The Sitting Saracen : no standup comedy, to quote A Khomeini, “there is no humour in Islam”

  11. CountingCats says:


    Don’t know about ‘expected’. I have never written pbuh after Mo’s name, and I never will. Nor have I ever been under any pressure to do so.

    Mo is not the messenger of Big Al, and Al himself does not exist. I will not act on any other assumption.

  12. Lynne says:

    Let’s not forget the bar where Islamic seamstresses hang out: Mo’s Ho’es.

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