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Melbourne, January 18, 2009

Making it was bad enough:


But giving it to a child to carry?

Anti Zionism? Anti Zionism my arse, straight out kristallnacht Jew hatred.

That this can happen on the streets of my home city – I am ashamed of my country.

Both of them.

H/T Tim Blair


Addendum:      I knew Australian Greens were dishonest nutters, I had no idea they were rabid hatemongers:

Earlier, outside the State Library, federal Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: "We’ve heard there is a ceasefire but Israeli military have not retreated from Gaza."

To rousing cheers, she said: "It is time for Prime Minister Rudd to come out and condemn the violence" and "to say no child should be used as collateral in a civilian massacre".

She spoke of a mother of three in Gaza who, told by the Israeli military last week to come out of her home, came out waving a white flag and was shot in the head. She said the children were also killed.


  1. NickM says:

    Well… It’s appropriate it’s being carried by a child. It looks like it was written by one. Some ought to have a word with W. It ain’t a war on terror we need but on dyslexia.

    “no child should be used as collateral in a civilian massacre”

    I agree entirely with the good senator. She ought to tell Hamas that. More correctly the deranged harridan clearly doens’t know what “collateral” means.

    Hamas are using the kids as collateral. They haven’t got the wherewithal to take on the IDF so their one tactic is to maximise the number of dead Palestinian kiddiewinks. Yes, if the senator had said that at an anti-Hamas rally she would have also been applauded. But then the sort of people at such a gathering would know what “collateral” means. But then the meaning of words and symbols escapes much of the moonbat left. Have any of the Neo-Nazis got their knickers in a twist yet over the use of their beloved swastika to symbolise the hated Jews? If not. Why not?

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    “We’ve heard there is a ceasefire but Israeli military have not retreated from Gaza.”

    No, dear. But they have ceased firing. Hamas hasn’t.

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