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Senator Stephen Conroy

The bloke is Communications Minister in the Gillard government, heap big poobah in intimidating free citizens.

Stevie isn’t exactly the natural born libertarian type. In fact, he seems pretty desperate to tell us all what to do. Senator Conroy is pretty anxious to bring Rupert Murdoch into line, the Murdoch papers criticise the government you see, while the other lot, Fairfax, pretty much take their lead from the Guardian and Independent and tend to give government ministers tongue baths. He’s also planning on putting in place an Internet censoring system – the good Senator has heard of the Great Firewall of China and wants one of his own to play with. After all, if Iran can copy China why can’t he?

Just another of those control freaks that progressivism seems to attract these days. Although, unlike so many others, he is in a position to do something about these not so hidden lusts.

Anyway, that puts this in context.

Unfettered power? Red underpants? Really? On their head?

H/T Andrew Bolt


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Not an utter, utter cunt then. I simply can’t imagine him speaking German with a Gauleiter’s uniform on.

    To reiterate, not a cunt in any sense.

    At all.

  2. Mr Ed says:

    And how long would that clip be available in the Federation under the Great Barrier Reef Firewall that they are proposing?

    Are they still worried about China with this lot running the place?

  3. Mr Ed says:

    A line from Ultravox’s The Thin Wall:

    ’Their power game’s a game no more, they long the chance to use it’.

    East Berlin, Pyongyang, Havana, Sacramento, Canberra, London, the same story.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    The old Australian way would be to stip this person’s clothing off and run him out of town (in the nude) with cattle whips.

    It would do him the world of good.

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