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Ezra on Free Speech

Key phrase: “Free speech enables the power of scrutiny.

Update: Pat Caddell, a Democrat on the media destruction of democracy.

H/T Catallaxy Files


  1. john in cheshire says:

    Everything these two people say is absolutely true. It is beyond belief that an American Ambassador is brutally murdered (premeditated) and his boss does nothing to capture and punish the perpetrators. In normal times this would have been taken as an act of war. And the press and other media outlets, including the sodding bbc, know full well that is so. They are now collectively conspiring to censor the news and produce propaganda to further the socialist and muslim agendas. I’d never heard of the discourse institute before watching this video, but i’m impressed by their representative. I just hope they have more influence than just being a talking shop.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    It was worse than this John.

    The boss (and his minions) pretended it was just a spur of the moment attack – when they knew it was long planned.

    And they (and the media) ignored the fact that it happened on September 11th – pretending it was all to do with a Youtube film

    Even now they will not allow the FBI to visit the site (although CNN visiting the site was fine).

    Of course Barack is not really a friend of Islam (years ago he used to make a mocking imitation of the Islamic call to pray, which he heard so often in his boyhood, to amuse reporters and other vermin), indeed he will must likely have some Islamists in the country killed (just before election day).

    However, the Islamists and the socialists (like Comrade Barack) have a common enemy – the West. So Barack will work with the Islamists or kill the Islamists (as suits the needs of the moment).

    These folk (Barack, the “mainstream” media and so on) are just plain evil – evil to an astonishing degree.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    “The future must not belong to those who slander Islam”.

    Barack Obama.

    I.E. those who tell the truth about Islam.

    Barack – you vile, slimy, creature.

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