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The “Chicago Way” with unemployment numbers.

Since Comrade Barack Obama has been President of the United States of America unemployment has been above 8% of the workforce (a workforce that is smaller than it used to be – inspite of the working age population growing, work that one out) – now (a few weeks before the election) the Federal government declares that unemployment is below 8%.

And the “mainstream media” report it as fact (and with straight faces).

Of course in Chicago (one of the most corrupt cities in the United States – and where Barack Obama learned his trade) they used to even try and rig the murder numbers. The old tradition was to declare that people (who had died of gunshot wounds) had died of “heart failure”, thus keeping the murder rate down.

Now the United States is subjected to the “Chicago Way” – and the media of the Western world just wink at obvious fraud.

The West is dying – and one of the things it is dying of is corruption.


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Say a lie often enough at it becomes the truth, although I am not sure many people believe it any more.

    It rather reminds me of government pronouncements late on in “Atlas shrugged”

  2. Schrodinger's Dog says:

    Great news comrades! Big Brother has increased the chocolate ration from thirty grams to twenty grams a week.

  3. Lynne says:

    The Chicago Way. Rather like the Westminster Way but with bigger lying bastards.

  4. Bod says:

    This really isn’t an issue of cooking the books – or rather – the data itself may well be being reported consistently.

    We have three measures of unemployment that people like me are watching over here. U-3, which is what all the plebs are fed, is just part of the story. In essence, it reports the percentage of the workforce who are claiming their Unemplyment Benefits, and looking for work.

    U-6 is more extensive, and cutting out the noise and messy details of the calculation, by and large, measures how many adults don’t have fulltime jerbs when they’d like to have ‘em.

    Lastly, you have the workforce participation rate, which measures what percentage of the workforce are pulling a paycheck.

    Backdrop – the workforce participation rate has fallen about 4% over the last 4 or 5 years. The US population has been growing. Just to keep up and maintain what is now a lousy participation rate, the economy has to create about 300,000 a quarter (sounds high to me, but it’s a sort-of accepted number).

    If I were elected tomorrow, or on Nov 6th, I could cut the US Unemployment rate to about 6%. How? I’d drop the eligibility for unemplyment benefit back to 13 weeks.

    Why would this work? Well Bod, it’s like this. When your dole runs out, you still don’t have a job, but you fall off the U-3 count. Cut dole recipients, U-3 drops. Arguably, by U-3 measures, you could remove unemplyment completely if you abolished the unemployment benefits system.

    Of course, I’m not as evil and heartless as to want to cut all their dole. I’d be as bad as Romney then, except I don’t own a dog.

    So, if more people ‘fall off the end’ of U-3 than join it, unemployment falls. If you add a few jobs, it look even better. Hence the use of U-3. As the long-term unemployed lose their benefits and are so despondant that they become totally detatched from the economy, they stop counting.

    I’m sure everyone appreciates that the US Government couldn’t make this kind of statistical process QUITE as simple as I’ve made it out to be, but in general terms, this is why you get shown this utter crap by the likes of The Economist.

  5. And meanwhile in other news George Osborne claims to have cut the UK deficit by 25%, which is true perhaps if you stop counting last November, while in reality it is closer to 2-3%.

    Lies, damn lies, statistics – and politicians speeches.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    It is interesting that after the “savage cuts” government spending is higher (not lower) than it was before the crises.

    And government spending is rising – right now.

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