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Jimmy Saville Joke.

I bet Gary Glitter regrets not asking Jim to fix it instead of taking his computer to PC World.

That is a terrible joke, via Sickipedia.

But there is a sub-plot. I fix computers. I don’t care what is on the HD(s). If there is obvious criminality there then expect a call from the dibble. If not I don’t care. It’s like a confessional but more like a doctor. I frankly don’t give a damn about your Frankie Vaughn or whatever. I’ve seen it all by now. What interests me, what interests the client is getting it to work. That is all. I love machines and what you do with them is your look-out, not mine.

By the way I wouldn’t take a pair of counting sticks to PC World. If you are in the North West of England speak to me or see the folks at Aria Tech.


  1. Woodsy42 says:

    Part of my job was to fix computers. I always made a point of never looking on ‘private’ office pc’s hard drives and if at all possible unplugged the drives to fix the pc. I wonder why the PC world tech was poking around on a customer’s drive.

  2. NickM says:

    I poke everywhere I need but what happens to the Nick stays with the Nick. Yes, I will look “under the covers”but that is my job. And yes that means access to C:> etcetera. It goes both ways. I will report grotesque violence but everything else I do not care about. But if you want my services then part of the deal is total access. Along with that is of course me not caring.

    And I don’t.

  3. JuliaM says:

    You could be like the police, and just give up counting after a while?

  4. Ex-Kiwi says:

    What about the paedophiles within St John ambulance who are about to receive awards from the Queen’s representative:

  5. NickM says:

    One of the most dreadful slurs is the idea that because it is verbotten men like pictures of the underage. I don’t. Why would I? This purely the act of the sex police, Normal adults do like pictures in the nude. Such as this…,0,7898588.story

    I saw that a few days ago at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris. I have to say I wasn’t exactly shocked. It was shocking at the time. But that’s artists for you wht is shocking over a hundred years ago is like whatever nowadays.

  6. JuliaM says:

    “One of the most dreadful slurs is the idea that because it is verbotten men like pictures of the underage.”

    But many, many well-paid jobs in child protection depend on pushing the theory that every man is a potential predator, held in check only by policies and rigorous surveillance.

  7. bloke in spain says:

    Cheeky beg here! But one a self confessed computer expert could probably answer.
    I need a 12V DC supply good for about 90W, Can’t really use the car because I need the supply to be running almost continually.
    Trouble is, I’m currently way up in the mountains. Nearest place I could find a transformer’d do that is a couple hundred km away & then my limited Spanish isn’t exactly going to help.
    So the question is:
    There’s a tower type PC in the place with an ATX power supply. Few years old but works fine. Now I know the 12V output is good for a lot more than 90W. More like 300+. But I’m sure it’s more complicated than just patching into the wires. If I remember rightly there’s a lower voltage/amperage ‘always on’ supply to the motherboard (5V?) Then once the ‘on button’ is hit the board’s power management switches in the 12V supply to the beast. The answer may be connecting the 5V supply to something but don’t fancy experimenting & b****ing the thing up.
    Solve this & my 3 way fridge*, which is now 2 way since the AC/230 circuit gave up, can start cooling beer without me having to swap gas connections every time I cook. Preferably, I’ll pull the ATX unit out & connect the A/C straight to it. Loads of wire & a multimeter. Just without the knowledge

    *£200 in June. “Bring it into the shop, sir, and we’ll have a look.” In bloody Kent!

  8. NickM says:

    Honestly, seriously I’d have to take a look. God alone knows how you would transform 5V to 12V because it’s DC not AC. Tesla Girls and all that. It probably isn’t that much more complicated to use the 12V from the ATX except (a) I have never done it* and (b) Since the early nineties computer PSUs have been “Energy Star Compliant”. Now this means “sleep mode” etc so God knows how 12V the 12V always is. What precisely are you trying to run on 12VDC anyway? That matters. My understanding is that computers run on 5VDC and 12VDC. The Mobo requires both. Now a modern computer doesn’t exactly have a North or South Bridge but still things like the CPU and GPU require more Vs than the rest of the gubbins. Seriously, bis, it might be bodgeable but go online and buy a new PSU unless you want permanently spikey hair. My main PC, Hecate, has a 850W Corsair PSU. Obviously that is for a bad motherfucker of a PC of the first water. That is available on Amazon for under a hundred quid. You don’t appear to need anything that chunky. Like I said I ain’t seen it but get a new PSU rather then feck around. Though I am still somewhat confused.

    *I have dealt with PSUs fucked every which way including the application of strawberry jam into ‘em. Seriously – tasted it.

  9. bloke in spain says:

    All I’m needing is a 12V DC supply capable of delivering 90W. The old tower works fine but nobody’s using it so I could pull the PSU out of it
    As for “going on-line & buying a PSU”, the stream running the other side of the pass is Rio del Culo del Pero. Translates as Dog’s Arse River. Gives you some idea of how far from PC World this is. The local town would be a one horse town if they could afford the horse & that’s 12km horizontally & 1.5km vertically away . That’s where our PO Box lives. Sometimes we even get mail in it.

  10. ivan says:

    bloke in spain, if you want such a supply the best thing is to get hold of a PSU from something like an old 486 or earlier pentium computer. That way the power switch actually switches on the power supply and all you need is a 4 pin molex plug to connect the yellow (+12v) and black (0v) to whatever you need to power. In fact I have several such supplies powering either 5v and/or 12v equipment.

    If I can be of help – I’m just over the boarder in France med side – just e-mail me ivanjt at free dot fr

  11. bloke in spain says:

    Thanks to Franco-Hispanic cooperation, the wonders of the interweb (inventor Al Gore), Australian servers (hat-tip the ever popular Ms Gillard), Obama (I didn’t build this), Allah (pbuh) & our kind hosts, this kitty has beer cooling. Milk & butter will be no longer transitory & rare luxuries. And with a crystal clear sky, today is already headed to be a scorcher.
    My undying gratitude to Ivan.
    So now to my next question. Or rather, that of my lovely but remarkably idle companion. How do I convert the remaining components of this computer to a dishwasher?

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