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Handbag harpies

I have been taking part in a discussion about Prime Minister Gillard and her widely viewed attack on the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, delivered on the floor of Parliament.

Just thought I would share my latest badly written response:

You said: “with his snide reference to Gillards childlessness, Abbott was not doing his job. He revealed that he’s a low animal who’s not fit for decent company, let alone high office”

Well, this is the problem.

All you are able to provide as justification for the bilious smear and hatred which so many spew is this and no other items.

That you are trying to present this trivia as justification for Ms Gillards extended hate filled abuse of Parliamentary privilege demonstrates how thin is the case against Mr Abbott.

Ms Gillard rose up through Labor and labour politics, both, and from that background she knows exactly what sexism and misogyny are, and she knows, beyond any rational dispute, that Mr Abbott does not measure up to what she has experienced from her own associates on a decade on decade basis.

M Gillard is a liar, incessant and venomous. She presents herself as a feminist, and as a strong woman, but seeks to hide behind the fact she is a female as a defense against the criticisms which are both part and parcel of her role, and which her constant dishonesty and incompetent handling of that role so amply justify.

Having reached the pinnacle of her profession by fighting her way through the snakepit of labor politics, Ms Gillard now presents herself as a victim. The Labor Prime Minister of Australia, veteran of the ALP power struggles, is actually asking the rest of us to see her as a victim, a delicate petal getting an attack of the vapours when the Leader of the Opposition makes comments which are mild in the extreme compared to the hatred, bile and abuse which so many progressives, including Ms Gillard herself as well as many of her associates, spew towards anyone who questions whatever ill thought out and spendthrift nonsense they are putting forward today.

What an insult to the intelligence.

Let’s face it, no one in this government has had to face the sort of filth which the left directed to John Howard and his government on an almost daily basis.

If she were truly a feminist Ms Gillard would distain taking the foul approach she does; that she shows no such distain is contemptible.

As Ms Gillard, and other female members of Cabinet, uses their sex as a political weapon, using it to lie, smear and defame as well as to deflect criticism, it is appropriate to use gender specific terms to describe them – Gillard, Roxon and Plibersek – the handbag harpies, the hate mongering harridans of the front bench.

What a putrid shower this lot are.

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  1. John Galt says:

    Ms Gillard got to be where she is by riding on the wave of anger within the Parliamentary ALP against the perceived weak leadership of Kevin Rudd. She showed her true colours by the way she manipulated Rudd announcing a leadership contest without being open & honest about her own candidacy in any ballot.

    As a large part of the Parliamentary ALP was of the view “Anyone but Rudd”, it became obvious that he couldn’t continue and without any other contenders Ms Gillard was appointed rather than elected. Everything happened at such a pace that Gillard was PM before the vast majority could seriously consider whether they wanted her or not.

    From a political perspective it was a masterful bloodless coup, which caught even her own cabinet colleagues on the hop. The only reason that she’s retained her role during 2011 was that the Parliamentary ALP doesn’t want to lose it’s shaky minority government (supported by Labor, independents and greens) and the only viable replacement would have been Rudd who was both unacceptable AND electoral suicide.

    The attack on Tony “Budgie Smuggler” Abbott was nasty, personal and vindictive, but also characteristic of the way she has conducted herself both during her time in Parliament and also her prior “career” as a labour lawyer.

    The Parliamentary ALP appear to have realised their mistake in appointing this viperous harpy to their leadership, but are unsure how to get rid of her without being crucified by the electorate at the polls, equally who would they replace her with?

    The likely outcome is that she will survive through to the 2013 General Election, but both her leadership and the actions of Labor have so repulsed the electorate that it is unlikely that she will gain sufficient support for a majority or even minority government and Tony “Budgie Smuggler” Abbott will become Australian PM.

    Ms Gillard probably has the strength to fight on as opposition leader, but will be replaced before the following General Election in 2017/18.

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