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Vote with your lady bits

So, which one is really the parody?

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  1. RAB says:

    Yes it is hard to tell isn’t it? Sheesh how desperate are the Dems at this point?

    Wonder if Wee Eck has something like that in mind for the Scottish Independence Referendum?

  2. Bod says:

    The second one is a real small-l libertarian chick who has a bunch of videos on Youtube that I push my daughter to when she asks me about what libertarians believe. Ms. Boroskey is somehow more trustworthy on these things than I.

    And yes, RAB, the dems are very desperate. This storm’s the luckiest thing that could have happened to them since it will push the developing furore about Benghazi off the front pages … oh .. wait … what?

    Polling ALWAYS oversamples democrats in the US, and even in states like Ohio, we’re being told that polls are running 49:49% with 3% oversampling of democrats. Without going into the minutiae of the political polling system over here, that’s a likely 4-5% GOP lead at the election.

    Hollywood, for once, has helped the GOP, with the release of Argo which will help focus on just how awful it is to have to rely on a President and Commander-in-Chief who has delusions of grandeur, but doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.

    Lastly, indications are that people are now starting to consider Romney a viable ‘for’ vote instead of ‘anyone but Obama’. Before I have the likes of Perry over at Samizdata come rip me a new one, you go to war with the resources you’ve got, and while Romney no doubt likes the idea of ruling the proles and being named “The Iron Mitt”, fact is that he has shown some signs that he wants to try doing that over a vibrant, market-based economy, so there is that.

    Anyway – battonning down the hatches for a big blow; catch ye’z all soon.

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    Bod–don’t take it personally, it’s because you’re a Dad, and that makes you a Parent, and it’s a fact that’s been well-established going back even farther than the Jewish and Greek philosophers that Parents are know-nothing idiots. (My parents didn’t know anything, and after my daughter had gotten old enough to go to school on a daily basis I discovered that now I no longer knew anything either.)

    By the way, here’s the female perspective on the issue at hand: I can’t imagine much of anything more revolting than having to settle for Obama for your First Time.

    Interpret that as you will.

  4. NickM says:

    “The iron Mitt”. Sounds like the last thing you want to be fisted by.

    Right, I’ll get my coat…

    I’m still predicting (for various reasons) a very narrow Obama victory. Note predicting, not hoping for. But then Romney don’t excite me. I want Ronne, not Romney! Alas Ronnie is no longer an option. Being like dead. I watched his funeral and Maggie was there looking frail and I thought, “Bugger! They’re all pegging it and Al Gore (the inventor of the internet) is looking increasingly like carbon capture in action”.

    An aside about Ronnie… Oddly enough one of the reasons he wasn’t a great actor was the reason he was an actor. He was terribly short-sighted so when he tried to enlist in the US Mil he failed he medical. An otherwise fit man (a swimming-pool life-guard and all – better student job than I ever had – I cleaned the MetroCentre carparks so he got girls in their summer clothes and I got used condoms and empty bottles of “White Lightning” in stairwells – he also subsequently became governor of California and a two-term Prez*). And the thing is the medical report on him (which is oddly enough publically available unlike certain other documents I am not referring to birth certificates here) and it states that the doctor wasn’t sure Mr Reagan could tell the difference between a US Marine and a Japanese one at 10 yards.

    *Though my cat could have hoiked Dhimmi Farter into the long grass. What an ineptitude he was. What a pigging embarrassment. And Walter Mondale! Makes Joe Biden look competent and there are things in my fridge that do that. Things. Not Cheese.

  5. Bod says:

    Even my kids joke that maybe, as they get older, *I* might become intelligent.

    The thiunk I remember about Reagan is that before he became president, he wasn’t Reagan either, IYKWIM. I have no enthusiasm for Romney at all, but one can always hope that he’s not quite as much of a statist tool as we’re expecting.

    And yes, I’m still online, 50mph gusts notwithstanding. With every hour, the track’s moving further West which is looking good for Fairfield Co., CT, and not-so-good for Baltimore, MD.

  6. RAB says:

    I want Mitt to win, not because I believe he will be a great President, far from it. If that’s the best the GOP can do after the interminable selection process for a Candidate, then Jesus Wept! But at least he isn’t intent on completely mashing up the USA for idealogical reasons like Barry.

    With four more years to play with and no re-election to worry about, he is going to turn America into the European Socialist paradise he and his creepy cronies dream about. Well us Europeans know how well that’s working out, don’t we boys and girls?

    Trying to get America back from the hell Barry will make of it, may very well be impossible.

  7. Bod says:

    The question I ask myself, and I guess all the US-based commentariat here, is simply:

    Realistically, what legislation would a Romney presidency have to enact (or more properly, strike down), for us to be satisfied?

    I’m relatively easy to please.

    I want Obamacare, PATRIOT and Dodd-Frank disposed of, a bunch of federal TLAs like ATF, TSA and BHS eliminated (adding the EPA and NEA would be too optimistic, ). Czars? Consigned to the dustbin of history (again). And please, dog, a couple of originalist Supreme Court Justices. I don’t care if the appointees are technically dead (in fact, that’d be good; the dead don’t ‘evolve’ into Souteresque ‘living constitutionalists’, and provided they’re embalmed properly, they wouldn’t tend to distract the proceedings of the court much.)

  8. NickM says:

    And Obamacare is the same as Romneycare so your point Bod is what? You might as well have Iggle Piggle as we do.

  9. Bod says:

    One key difference between Ommabacare and Romneycare is the *scope* of the legislation. If you were REALLY anti-Romneycare, you could get the fuck out of Taxacusetts.

    The other issue being that from a legislative point of view, Romney really didn’t have that much of a choice. State governors can only achieve so much when a state legislature really, really wants to pass some laws.

    This isn’t to give Romney a pass on sitting in the big chair while he ‘embraced’ some really shitty legislation, but parties go to the general with whoever they’ve got. And that;s the choice the proles end up with. So, instead of crying into our soma, wtf is *acceptable*?

    But I’ll repeat the question. What the fuck does Romney have to do as a bare minimum to satisfy minarchists and libertarians so that in 4 years time, they look can look back and say ‘oh fuck, thank dog we had him in the White House’. I’m convinced he won’t deliver my wishlist. I’d be interested to hear others.

    But I have to say, this fucking ideological purity shit will sink us, I swear. You wouldn’t believe the levels of haughty outrage pointed at Rand Paul because he had the temerity to endorse Romney. Fuck, people, Rand Paul’s not even a libertarian!

    You can’t get from here to a free society in one step, no matter what Mr deHavilland might say. Total societal collapse has never been resolved in less than a generation, and when things do come back, you get people more like Charlemagne than Bastiat running the place.

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Bod, move over…there’s plenty of room for two on that bandwagon. :>)

  11. ‘Lesser of two evils’ voting is dumb. Just dumb.

    Both parties are simply big government fascists as everyone here surely knows. This whole debate reminds me of Homer Simpson on the alien takeover episode when Kudos has been elected president and he declares “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kang” as if that would have made the slightest difference.

  12. Bod says:

    I don’t disagree at all, SaoT. But that’s not my point. One of the c***s will be President, whether you, I or the undead spirit of Murray Rothbard like it or not. Whether you, I or Murray’s shade votes or not. Because I won’t be, and it sounds like you won’t be either.

    The question’s a practical (and not that complex) – what will it take for people like us to tolerate (in hindsight, we can raise cain and squeal like stuck pigs for the next 4 years if we like) the lesser of two evils, assuming that Romney *is* the lesser.

    Politics is the art of the possible. I’m not even asking for compromise. If the Kittycounters here won’t settle for anything less than total peace on earth, the heads of every currently sitting congressman on a pike, and a chicken in every pot, then so be it.

    The alternative, I guess, is that we become a poor parody of Reg at the Coliseum, in The Life of Brian

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