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Father, Son and Holy Goat.

This is a definite one for the “couldn’t make it up” files. Just read the whole thing because I can’t comment any further.

But if you are in the market for a holy goat and have the price of an Aston-Martin you now know where to get one.

Oh and it’s organic BTW.


  1. RAB says:

    Allah must be a Doctor, cos he’s got lousy handwriting. It looks like it spells “Tits” in the first pic.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    Bhati, maybe, but who is; him for thinking he’ll get so much for a goat, or anyone who buys it. And, in a proper religion, wouldn’t one seek to preserve this manifestation from Allah and not slaughter and eat it?

  3. NickM says:

    Well, jic, it does seem like a poor investment. How does one explain the slaughter of a priceless goat?

    Warning: the price of Allah goats may go down as well as up.

    RAB, it does look like it says “tits” which is ironic considering it’s a billy-goat.

    Oh, I dunno. The odds and sods in the Topkapi palace in Istanbul included Ibrihim/Abraham’s cooking pot and that looked like someone bought it from John Lewis a week last tuesday but daft buggers were filing past it with due reverence.

    And St Chapelle in Paris that boasts magnificent stained glass. It was built to house the one, true, genuine crown of thorns which some Louis bought from the Byzantine Emperor for three times the cost of the truly magnificent building. Alas I didn’t see this because the darned revolutionaries chucked it on a fire.

    I did have a tortilla bearing the image of L Ron Hubbard but I ate it. With salsa.

    Alas the stain on the kitchen floor of Sir Jimmy of Underage Vaginas is now literally priceless. As is my extensive collection of the CDs of that veritable Bach of popular music Mr Gary Glitter.

    I am making some of this up. (a) i have never had sex with anyone but a consenting adult over the age of 19, (b) never on the premises of a public service broadcaster and (c) I don’t want “Operation Yewtree” kicking my fucking door in at 4am. OK, I ‘fess it all! I once played a bit of a game (not the full monty) of “If you show me yours…” with A from down the road. A is now (I saw her on the telly) a very successful muli-millionaire businesswoman with a Thames front property. Of course she only did that to compensate for her life being destroyed by my grotesque abuse.

    OK, it wasn’t even that. I kissed her for a dare forfeit. A friend of mine said something that at the age of eight got me, “You kissed a girl! That’s like so gay!”

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    I should bloody well hope it’s organic. Imagine paying 130 grand for a holy goat and it turns out to be made of tin. You’d be furious.

    And RAB’s right, anyway. It’s definitely “tits”. It certainly doesn’t look anything like the Arabic script the Mail posted.

  5. Mr Ed says:

    Is he trying to curry favour, or the goat?

  6. SadButMadLad says:

    Usual religious nutter stuff. All religions have them. Catholics go mad about weeping statues and other Christians go stupid about the face of Jesus in some mold on the wall.

  7. RAB says:

    I once found Jesus on a piece of toast, then I buttered it heavily and scoffed it down like a Communion wafer. I began to talk in tongues and heard voices. The voices told be to make some more!

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Sam: You beat me to it. I too was really impressed most of all by the fact that the goat is ORGANIC!!!

    Anyways, I don’t got a goat (too many people have already gotten my goat over the years as it is), but I gots lots of raccoons. And squirrels. They infest my attic. I’m pretty sure they’re organic. Do you think I could get £128,000 apiece for them? It would be pretty sweet if I could, because it would help pay for the attic cleanup and reinsulation, and for the new roofs.

    Mr Ed: it would help if we knew whether the currying implements include combs, exotic spices, or pleasingly personal platitudes. My choice would be to have the goat curried with the spices, but, as they say, YMMV. I wonder if the goat is genuinely impressed by insincere flattery?

  9. JuliaM says:

    “Allah must be a Doctor, cos he’s got lousy handwriting. It looks like it spells “Tits” in the first pic.”

    *spits morning tea over iPhone*

  10. bloke in spain says:

    Hair dye – check
    Airbrush – check
    So now we need a goat & a gullible, wealthy mussie.
    Wonder what it’d fetch with the winning Euromillions number on the other side?

  11. NickM says:

    Mr Ed,
    I think I once had curried goat. It wasn’t worth the fiver I paid in Greece in ’93. Would i eat the whole thing for 128K. Would I fuckulence!

  12. David Gillies says:

    I was walking the dog one day and he started to go into a squat before I could steer him into the gutter. The turd spelt out ‘Allah’ in perfect Arabic script. I had it mounted in lucite and sold it to a camel-botherer from Dubai for £870,000.

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