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The name is Cnut, Barry Cnut…

Barry has personally Taken charge of Hurricane Sandy tonight…

If Barry really wants to win the Election, all he has to do is park his pert little buttocks on his Throne on the New Jersey Shore, and tell Sandy to… Change!

Instantly the sky will clear and be filled with rose petals and butterflies, welfare cheques will materialise in everyone’s mailbox and all shall live happily ever after!
Do ya think? Or have I had one too many beers again? Winking smile


  1. Bod says:

    Oh my RAB, you *are* being a cunning linguist today, aren’t you?

    (this stuff nearly writes itself)

    I’m conflicted over this really. This storm’s going to do a lot of damage, and the last thing we want is a hapless sociopath emoting about how he’ll heal not just the world, but the tri-state area, if only the electorate have the bravery to give him another 4 years. But I shouldn’t give him ideas.

    I’ll dredge up another quote about Mr. Obama. He’s not a much of a Cnut, because he lacks the depth and the charm.

  2. Andrew Duffin says:

    Never mind Barry O, I’m offering a prize for the first spotting of this being blamed on “global warming”.

    It’s probably too late already.

  3. Simon Jester says:

    Too late by a day, AD:

    Tom Chivers at the Telegraph seems to have won the prize.

  4. Michael says:

    A bit unfair to Cnut as he was intending to display the limits of Royal Power. As for Barry O… he probably believes it and G W Bush will doubtless get the blame a la “Animal Farm”…

  5. RAB says:

    Yes I know the real story of Cnut Michael, but it always gets told as him being a Divine Right nutter who really believed he could hold back the tide. Like you say, Barry probably only knows that version of story, so that was the metaphore I ran with. He isn’t smart enough or Regal enough to know different.

    And until I see Barry with a shovel in his hand personally clearing up the mess, then I’ll believe he is the saviour of the East Coast. This storm has been a godsend to his floundering campaign. He can say there are more important things than mere politics. This is a National emergency! and he’s handling it single handedly!! Isn’t that why you made me Prez?

    If Romney starts campaigning again be will get hammered for selfish self interest or frivolity or something. All he can do is sit on his hands.

  6. Julie near Chicago says:


    I’m sure you wrote that first sentence in an unthinking moment. I would hate to think such a statement could proceed from a high-caliber brain, loaded and cocked.

    I don’t think I’d better say anything more. I do have my reputation as a Lady to keep unsullied, after all.

  7. Bod says:

    High caliber? Not so sure of that. I’ve been told it’s more like a blunderbuss. The end’s pretty wide, but what comes out of it is pretty much (s)crap.

    In any case, Chateau Bod is limping along on partial power, no broadband, as little brain as ever and to cap it all, I was just asked by one of the town cops what I was doing parked on Main at 10.45 in the evening, fiddling with something in my lap.

    Barry still hasn’t turned up to lower the waters in my flooded basement either. Lazy bastard.

  8. Julie near Chicago says:


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