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You won’t be following the various union and Labor Party scandals that have been simmering here in Julia Gillards Australia over the last few years. Peter Slipper, the sleeziest Speaker Parliament has seen, Craig Thomson, using union funds for hookers and as his piggybank, Michael Williamson, President of the governing party (ex) and yesterday charged with another 28 counts.

Then there is Julia herself, set up a slush fund for her then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, through which nigh on half a million dollars of union members funds seems to have been siphoned off…

Acted against the interests of her client, and Wilsons employer, the AWU (Australian Workers Union), and didn’t keep her fellow partners informed. Her excuse? She was 33 and a partner in a major law firm, but she was ‘young and naive’, so that’s ok then…

Michael Smith, an ex copper and a radio journalist was prepared to discuss this on his radio program, but a couple of hours before broadcast the Prime Minister rang some spineless hack who was running the station and persuaded him to sack Smith.

No broadcast, and Mr Smith went hungry.

After a conversation with the Prime Minister a story was spiked and the journalist following it was sacked.

How do you pronounce ‘malfeasance in office’?

A brief overview of the issue is here. If you feel like being shocked have a good look, and believe me, it is only part of the whole story.

Anyway, this issue is starting to reach a boil, and Ms Gillard is not a happy bunny.

Today, in Parliament, the deputy leader of the Opposition, Julie Bishop, asked Ms Gillard a question, and the bile, the hatred, the venom which nowadays permeates this Parliament needs to be heard to be believed.

Not a happy bunny at all.


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Not knowing much if anything about Aussie politics, I will just say

    ~ if someone was making false allegations about me, I would damn their eyes, provide chapter and verse about why it was bollocks and take the bastards to court for slander.


    ~ if the allegations were substantially true, it would not surprise me to see a politico claim to have dealt with the matter previously whilst absolutely refusing to address the actual question and then resort to the ad hominem

    Look forward to some kind of statute of limitations thing being drafted as we speak which may well narrowly exclude the PM from prosecution.

    It’s no comfort, but your politicians are also cunts. Like ours. And the Americans. And Germans. And French obviously. In fact, is there a theme developing here?

  2. Mr Ed says:

    Were the Prime Minister to be convicted of the Common law offence of misconduct in public office – it might have been abolished in Oz – then the prospect of revocation of citizenship might raise its ugly head, and a flight back to Wales….

    That would be an appalling vista.

  3. RAB says:

    You meant appealing, surely Mr Ed?

  4. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Politicos are pretty tolerant on the whole of other politicos misdeeds despite what they say in public. They know that if they build the scaffold today they might very well climb it tomorrow.

  5. Mr Ed says:

    @RAB. Well, someone might have to share a 24-hour flight with her. On balance, it might be appealing, and she would be free to seek work throughout the European Economic Area. Greece needs a good Prime Minister right now.

  6. john b says:

    1) for those reading from elsewhere, Slipper’s a Liberal turncoat; his party covered up his sleaze and misbehaviour for his entire career, and then utterly hosed him when he defected. Which they have every right to do, of course.

    2) even if you’re convicted of murder, Australia doesn’t revoke citizenship, so anyone fantasising about that one is having a giraffe (also, JG isn’t a British citizen and hence has no right to reside in the UK or EEA – it’s illegal in Australia to seek Federal office as a dual national, so like London-born Tony Abbott, she has renounced her British nationality. I wonder if there’s ever been an election like the 2010 Federal election where both candidates were born in the same foreign country?)

  7. CountingCats says:

    You got it backwards. The Libs had had enough of Slipper and were about to can him. At that point Gillard adopted him.

    So, someone the Liberals were about to dump for being a sleeze bag was good enough for Gillard to adopt as Speaker. So much for her discrimination.

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