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No my noble Lord, no.

I’ve never really been a fan of Lord Heseltine, even when I was still engaged by conventional politics.  I couldn’t quite explain it, it was visceral.  But you might have hoped that the epithet ‘older and wiser’ could be applied to the nearly eighty year old peer of the realm.

Having scanned some of the recommendations in his report on growth “No stone unturned” one can only conclude that it would be a vane hope.

From what I can see, it seems we will be transformed if Whitehall stops dolling out money to companies centrally and gives the dosh to another layer of local bureaucracy to pony-up regionally.

Seriously, that’s it.  Continue to coercively extract money from business and give some back in a slightly different, more convoluted way.

The report even fails on its own logic.  If it follows that regional centres will have a better idea what a local business needs (better than Whitehall anyway) does it not follow that the MD of the company being looted/taxed will have a better idea yet what they need?  Thus we can cut out the pointless government middleman and simply abolish corporation tax.  Really m’lord, where do you imagine the money comes from in the first place?

If you want to end involuntary unemployment, abolish said tax and you would be back to full employment before you could say “regional growth fund”  It’s yet another take on the same tired, failed stimulus nonsense and how only the government can help us all.

The media coverage was desperate.  I caught some Radio 5 and one presenter seemed to take exception to the regions being called, er regions.  There was simply no thought to whether this approach was right on a conceptual level.  And if you want the final proof this is nonsense on stilts?

The TUC like it.


  1. NickM says:

    Have these people not appreciate things like the aeroplane or the internet or even The East India Company?

    And why am I thinking here of “1066 And All That”? The line in the quiz “Why does John of Gaunt make you think of somewhat an emaciated grandee”.

    Well, fuck the Mace-swinging cunt – though we do need more runways – obviously. I mean in the same way we don’t need as many blacksmiths.

    But regional – reflux my kidneys why don’t ya! My wife is a translator and there is no such thing as a “local” translation bizz. It throbs on the copper (it’s Cu, not glass round here). But here could be anywhere. She could be in a dome on the Sea of Tranquility. Wearing a silver suit and we’d have a Robo-dog and jetpacks and holidays to the methane seas of Titan (with umbrella drinks)… We don’t ;-(

    We fucked it didn’t we?

  2. Umbongo says:

    “The TUC like it”

    So – according to the CBI nodding donkey on the BBC this morning – does the CBI. Is a pattern emerging? It’s Italy 1922.

  3. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “It’s Italy 1922″

    Sharply observed and chilling.

  4. David Gillies says:

    The DTI or Board of Trade or whatever fuckwitted name this bunch of glad-handing spastics has this week would be one of the first governmental entities given the chopper under a Gillies administration. Politicians have never been, are not and never will be any damn good at picking winners for the simple reason that if they could they’d be in business for themselves and absolutely coining it (and then there’s Obama, who seems to have an unerring instinct for picking losers, but that’s another story.) There are three basic, essential things that businesses need to thrive: 1) a benign regulatory burden 2) low barriers to employing and dismissing people and above all 3) certainty that the first two are not going to change. The biggest killer of productivity growth is businesses not knowing whether a good faith investment now will be rendered moot in six months’ time because some ignorant cretin in Whitehall or Brussels thinks another slew of regulatory gibberish is called for.

  5. Mr Ed says:

    I trust that no one objects to Lord Heseltine on the grounds that he is Welsh, or that his own life, huge success in business, demonstrates that business does not need government support.

    His plan to remove ‘Whitehall’ is only so that the ‘regions’ (and the politically connected) might answer directly to Brussels. Those billions of £ should of course, be with their rightful owners, not Whitehall or City Hall or anywhere, so that businesses can compete to exchange them for their products and services.

  6. RAB says:

    That he is Welsh is never mentioned where I come from, and are you sure about his business acumen? According to Wiki everything he touched went tits up until he could unload his busnesses on some sucker with more money than sense…

    It comes to something when washed up old farts like Hezza and Clarke can look more Prime Ministerial that the potato faced young thrusting twat we have now, doesn’t it?

  7. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    I could hardly object to the noble Lord on the basis of his being Welsh, being likewise Welsh myself.

  8. johnpd says:

    The financial crisis since 2007/8 to now is a transition from our present economic policy of ‘growth’ to one of ‘stock’

    Every economist & pundit speaks of how we must get back to ‘growth’ The problem is that indefinite growth on a finite planet is not possible. Check out ‘A Blueprint for Survival’, a Penguin Special paperback 1972, co-authored by Ted Goldsmith et al. Originally published by The Ecologist magazine, vol 2, no 1, it’s outdated, but food for thought. Supported by a panel of 30+ eminent scientists, economists & philosophers, alongside the Club of Rome, this booklet is part of the birth of our ‘Green Movements’.

    Fast forward to 1988, & we see UN IPCC bureaucrats give us the ‘Mann made Global Warming’ scam. Vast carbon taxes are made respectable, & govts gleefully jump on the bandwagon. The clothes are all too slowly coming off this false emperor.

    Forward again to Rio Earth Summit 1992, & UN bureaucrats give us UN Agenda 21.
    Signing it, George Bush Snr hails ‘A New World Order’. Bill Clinton signs it 1993.
    Neither bother to bring UN Agenda 21 before Congress.
    This is the executive ignoring the legislative.
    The cart pulling the donkeys.
    UN Agenda 21 is a blueprint for our 21st century, of 800 pages, focused on ‘Sustainable Development’
    Policies include a huge reduction in world population , the abolition of private property, & the abolition of the family.
    Don’t take my word, google it.
    Alabama is the first US State to ban UN Agenda 21, others are following.
    It’s only taken them 20 years to wake up & smell the coffee. :)
    The clothes are not coming off this scary emperor anywhere near fast enough.

    A key ‘sustainable’ policy is the equalisation of wealth between continents.
    This involves the impoverishment of wealthy US, UK, EU etc, & the enrichment of the undeveloped nations. This is where we are now. Do not expect UK economic recovery anytime soon, it is not planned. Expect to see UK living standards drop about 20% over the next few years in this process.
    Do not expect to see ‘growth’, especially not from an aged, out of touch ex businessman & politico, in love with the EU.
    Why has Cameron not invited young & successful businessmen, in touch with our ever more swiftly changing business environment to put forward some suggestions?
    Why indeed?

    Fast forward again to the endgame, & one has to wonder what plans are afoot to relieve this planet of 75% of it’s population? With Athens in flames, a new Nazi party winning seats in the Greek parliament & foreigners beaten in the streets as the police look on approvingly, we are seeing shades of the 1920s.
    This, while the EU is awarded The Nobel Peace Prize! Irony is truly dead.

    With the remaining 25% of population herded into cities to be taxed & pay tribute to their masters, they will be the ‘stock’ being farmed.
    Your children & grandchildren.

    I commend James Delingpole & his ‘Radio Free Delingpole’, where he touches on UN Agenda 21 in discussion with Elizabet Nickson, author of ‘Eco-Fascists’.

    We live in interesting times.

  9. Mr Ed says:

    @RAB: making a fortune through incompetence and luck would suit me fine. Clearly had he been making his own business decsions qua Minister not businessman, an omniscient wisdom would have made him even richer.

    Our current PM is now making Major look good, ‘Don’t vote for an EU budget cut as that would make my position weaker, oh you have, I’ll go for inflation-matching, cast-iron!’.

  10. Paul Marks says:

    The Toytown Fascism of “Hezza” is so stupid that I do not know where to start.

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