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What a 100 Trillion Dollars Really Looks Like…

They are available from Amazon:

7 new from $0.79, 1 used from $3.00, 1 collectible from $3.00

(Those are USD)

Is it just me or does the image upon said note look like a gigantic turd?

Since 2009 the Zim dollar is a Norwegian Blue. It is pining for what it no longer affords. Any travelers to Zim are now advised to take RSA Rand, Botswanan Pula, Sterling or USD. I assume EUR and Yen would also play. Possibly so would beads (Yes, it took an African Nationalist to bring his serfs back to the “trading beads with the natives” stage). The book, “How to take a country seriously on the up and turn it into Pol-Pot’s wet dream”, Mugabe, R, Mugabe Publishing House Inc. probably won’t cut it. Zimbabwe ought to be rich. Well, apart from a vile scrote who ought to be hung from a lamp-post.

At least Grace Mugabe (I know) is banned from Europe. She used to enjoy her shopping trips in Paris. I guess it is Johannesburg now. The Zanu-PF always had a relationship with the ANC.


  1. VftS says:

    That image reminds me of Kermit.

  2. Andrew Duffin says:

    This is what our pensions will be worth after a few more years of ZIRP and a few more rounds of QE.

    Buy gold, before the EU makes it illegal for the little people to own it.

  3. CountingCats says:

    “look like a gigantic turd”

    Just you. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind otherwise.

  4. SimonF says:

    Those stones look like they are from what is now Matapos National Park. I used to visit there when teaching at the School of Signals in Bulawayo right after independence and there were some fantastic sites or rock piles.

    I think they are meant to be these:

    or maybe not given the link to Cecil Rhodes.

  5. Henry Crun says:

    Makes my 1 000 000 Zairoise note redundant

  6. Dave Sparrow says:

    Yeah, I bought one of these a year ago along with a $1 Zimbabwe note. Very pleasing juxtaposition :)

  7. johnpd says:

    This is what is planned for all our pensions.
    Just as well I don’t have one.
    Off topic, but topical, Aunty Beeb is in court, resisting a Freedom of Information request by claiming to be a “private” organisation.
    In a David v Goliath battle, a pensioner, Mr Newbery, requested from BBC the names of the 28 advisers on the panel which convinced them that the sciencewas ‘settled’ as regards Mann Made Global Warming, & that they could set aside the duty of impartiality enshrined in their charter. Mr Newbery is representing himself,assisted by his wife. For the last 6 years the BBC have been represented by a battery of expensive lawyers.
    They are openly admitting being an AGW advocate, & what’s in the MSM headlines?
    Jimmy Savile kiddy-diddling.
    Well worth a read is: Who were the secret 28 who ended all climate debate at the BBC? Posted in Science 29 October 2012.

  8. Steve Brown says:

    Grace Mugabe now does her shopping in Hong Kong. She owns a block of very expensive apartments in Tai Po in the New Territories where she and her entourage live. It is a confirmed fact that her bodyguards keep illegal weaponry in the apartment block.
    The boutiques in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island look forward to her visits, they get to make a lot of money from her!
    BTW, the rocks shown on the Zim banknotes are known as the Balancing Rocks and used to be something of a tourist attraction.

  9. RAB says:

    And how many of them did you need for a packet of Rothmans?

  10. Mr Ed says:

    Buying gold in the UK? ATS Bullion off The Strand are reassuringly solid, a spin-off from Spinks. 5% on 1 troy oz. Kruggerand, 8% on Nuggets, Maples etc. I get Silver from them too, but VAT @ 20% on Ag makes it purely a luxury.

  11. Paul Marks says:

    Good solid information Mr Ed.

  12. bloke in spain says:

    Zimbabwe? WTF’s that. Had a relative from a place called Rhodesia. Way he described the fertility his of farm’s soil: “Kick a hole, throw a seed in it, scuff it over & piss on it. Now stand back quick before the growing plant puts your eye out.”
    This Zimbabwe place. That the one with the food shortages?

  13. NickM says:

    There is VAT on Ag? Well, we might as well pack-up and go home!

    bis, that was Rhodesia and Zim’s early days. All must now flow from the teats of Mugabe otherwise it ain’t fair? do they not appreciate they could build an economy where everyone could win? No. They are too venal, too corrupt and in the case of Mugabe, worship Hitler.

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