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Meanwhile, “libertarians” all over the place are hollering about how Civic Virtue is an Eeeevillll plot of “Xtians” and the morally-oppressed generally.

Julie, not the informed ones:


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  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    Well…maybe it’s the result of our moving in different (on-line, in my case) circles, but I’ve heard a lot of libertarians and Libertarians of the non-Left-persuasions arguing for the Strawman positions–even ones not in thrall of von Mises Institute personalities*. But the important thing is, it seems to me that’s changing. Maybe the current generation (meaning those of us over 900 years of age) are finally beginning to twig to the Wisdom of the Ages, which is that our parents and other forebears have gotten more intelligent, and some of their conclusions more worthwhile, as we’ve gotten older. (Good way of putting it, and thanks to the Kitty Kounter from whom I swiped it–sad to say, I’ve already forgotten who it was. And it was only a few days ago….) Or maybe it’s just that my horizons are broadening? Nah…..

    Until pretty recently, I’ve been seeing the Civic-Virtue types sneered at as (a) Christians (this is a sneer-worthy offense why, exactly???) and (b) closet Statists. I am more than willing to grant YMMV, but that IS what I’ve seen nonetheless.

    *I dislike those folks for their tendency to self-righteous sneering at the Unwashed. Same thing with Cato, with “Reason.” Same thing with various Objectivist and Objectivist-fellow-traveller boards, including non-ARI ones. In fact, same thing with lots and lots of forums frequented by people of varying political opinions…. I like the Hoover Institution’s presentations (at least the ones I’ve heard), because although I certainly don’t think the people there are God, the ones I’ve heard so far don’t indulge in the self-righteous sneer. Of course, in all these cases I think it’s a case of the members of the In-group indulging in insults of the Outgroup more than anything else…even when it’s gotten ingrained into individual personalities. All very high-school.

    In any case, I alone have the True Complete and Final Answer to Everything and if you don’t agree with me you’re an ass. I trust I’ve made that perfectly clear.

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