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The Storm I Believe In.

The Israeli air-force has c.100 F-16I Soufa (Storm) Vipers (nobody uses the official name “Fighting Falcon” because that is camper than a scout jamboree). These are block 50/52 F-16s (the USANG flys block 15s) which have been tricked with conformal tanks and additional Israeli ‘tronics and integration with Rafael and Elbit weapons and systems such as the superlative Python-5 and Derby missiles or the Litening designator. It’s a serious piece of kit. And quite cheap (well for a state of the art strike-fighter). This means it isn’t cheap. It is a co-production between the Israelis and Lockheed-Martin.

Now, I’m an admitted combat ‘plane geek but that really is class. It’s half the price of the RAF Typhoon (which isn’t a bad ‘plane – at least not the FGA4) and the F-16I has the critical (especially for a small country) capacity to switch between trainer and combat aircraft. The training Tiffies have no combat capability – cheers BAE Systems et al!

This is the aircraft (there are others – “legacy” F-16s and F-15s and the F-15I Ra’am (Thunder)) that are paneling Hamas with (despite desperate attempts by the media to colour the Israeli’s as being “disproportionate” for killing more Palestinians than the Israeli death-toll (with very little collateral (c.f. Hamburg ’43)). That is part of civilized warfare. Another part of course is if you have the kit and the skills you can really open “The Gates of Hell”. If, on the other hand, your state of the art weapons system is an underpants bomb you can open the “Flies of Hell” and have your penis found four miles away. I know who’s side I’m on. One day I may take my penis to Israel but that is on the strict condition that the rest of me is still attached to it.

Don’t get me wrong. Being the underdog can be heroic but it doesn’t necessarily make it so despite what the MSM say. C4 News seemed to think that the successes of Iron Dome were something the Israelis ought to be ashamed about because that meant they weren’t showing enough dead kiddies as the Palestinians. Actually they don’t show dead kiddies anyway being civilized and all.


Let’s imagine Harry S Truman didn’t authorize the dropping of Little Boy and went ahead with Operation Olympic in ’46. The Japanese were training school-girls with bamboo spears to fight on the beaches against US Marines. Would that have been better? And of course Uncle Joe would have been involved by then. Would that have improved anything? It could have segued seamlessly into WWIII with Japan split as Korea was.

I once temped at the second-largest office complex on the planet. HMRC Longbenton, Newcastle. That wasn’t always a tax-office. It was initially built as a hospital to deal with the casualties from Olympic. And of course Olympic wouldn’t just have resulted in a less than clean political end (due to Uncle Joe wanting part of the pie, natch) or maybe hundreds of thousands of Allied (and Soviet) casualties but almost certainly would have resulted in millions of Japanese dead. A couple of hundred thousand Japanese dead and a clean surrender seems cheap at the price. And that was down to tech. The moral capability to win a war by being able to astonish with high-tech ultra violence. It worked for Truman, it worked for Cortez against the Aztecs. It worked at Culloden when the “romantic” Highland charge met the disciplined steel of the Duke of Cumberland’s red-coats. I guess I am arguing partially that fighting really half-arsed (another result of an underpants bomb) is not being Mel Gibson in “Braveheart” (that would involve less back-combing anyway – “they” tek our lives but they’ll nivver tek us seriously!). And partially that if someone pulls a knife on you and you have a knife and a Glock you aren’t the evil one because you pull the Glock just because you have one. What I’m getting is that “proportionate response” is ludicrous. going on a supreme cunteration that wins a war definitively is though moral. It means it is over. Even I know that just from playing Sid Meier games.


No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

- General Patton.

Or in another way… Note the defiance here (and I just love this song)… The Storm that is Nina Persson and the Cardigans…

Come and get them Hamas! (By the way that song, in an iconological sense, is meant to be ambiguous on many levels).

I also believe in extremely fit Swedish birds singing cool songs…

Why I believe in that should not require any further elucidation.

Yet a pretty girl, clearly intelligent, smart, Newcastle University (Yes, there is more to the North East than “Geordie Shore” and “banging”) I got in to a conversation at the Monument to Earl Grey (who made the tea) where she was part of a very small protest (My mother was in the corporate jumble-sale that is TK Maxx so I had time on my hands… lots). This lass was nice and very wrong. I merely pointed out she was flying the Venezuelan flag upside-down (an international distress signal of course which somewhat amused me). It has an arch of stars (one for each province) but she’d thought it “jollier” to fly it as a “smile”. Well that got us talking. I politely declined the offer of a CD by the Al-Alqsa Martyrs Brigade Male Voice Choir (I am not making that up) with proceeds going to “Palestinian causes”. She said with an entirely straight-face, “What has Capitalism ever done for us?” Seriously, on a Saturday afternoon, surrounded by the bustle of central Newcastle and surrounded by it’s Georgian architecture (and also the monstrance that is the Eldon Square Mall built by the Commie T Dan Smith that almost destroyed it all). I just said, channeling Christopher Wren, “Look around you!” (all I could think of whilst my flabber was that gasted). Her view on the World was so twisted she defended Comrade Castro “getting better on gay rights”. I wondered what the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade Male Voice Choir thought of gay sex – with a shudder. I wondered what she’d be up in arms about if our same-sex civil partnership bill hadn’t passed?* I also wondered how she felt about the fact that I’d seen men wearing nothing but bodypaint and flip-flops holding hands on the main drag in Key West without any hassle. And that was in the evil, repressive US of A – try that it Gaza City or Havana. I even thought what the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade Male Voice Choir would have thought of her un-hijabed eslf talking to a non-mehrem man in the street.

The most imposing facade in Western Europe.

- John Betjeman on Grey Street, Newcastle.

Yeah, that’s what Western Civilization, The Enlightenment and Capitalism did for you love! It gave you a nice city to live in, an education, those Nikes you’re wearing, the right to protest in a Quixotic way below the statue of the architect of reforms that enlarged the franchise, the right to engage in conversation with a man you are not married to and not be beaten and raped by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade Male Voice Choir who would have you as a haus-frau and baby-momma. Your womb pumping out future martyrs the same way factories in South Korea produce RAM. We are far from perfect but we are not that bad.

That is also a storm I believe in.

In 2001 I saw via the TV (aka the Shaytan’s Magic Picture Box) some twinkly old cunt “massing” in the AF-PAK borderland (where very bad things happen because if it is not exactly the arsehole (hat ould give it a dignity it doesn’t deserve) of the planet but it is well within the farting CEP). He was waving his “little mashie” at the sky and making blood-curdling threats against Americans whilst a B-52 flew over leaving eight contrails and carrying 16x2000lb JDAMs. Well, best of luck mate I thought! A beautiful scene. I have also seen the XH-558 Vulcan and that was like God was shaking my teeth. How the flying-fuck do you zoom-climb something that size? That is the difference. Whilst some wallow in codswallop and misery and beards – others don’t. The storms I believe in are not the difference. They are the result of the difference. A few years back I heard that whilst 80% of Indian PhDs were awarded in science, engineering or medicine, 80% of Pakistani ones were in Islamic theology. That’s the difference. That’s why I can easily imagine seeing an Indian on Mars whilst the grandson of that old cunt is still pointlessly waiving the same “little mashie” at the sky.

’cause you’re the storm that I’ve been needing
and all this peace has been deceiving
I like the sweet life and the silence
but it’s the storm that I believe in

Come and conquer and drop your bombs
cross my borders and kill the calm
bear your fangs and burn my wings
I hear bullets singing.

They own the dirt. We own the skies. And we do because of our culture. Their culture stinks, so do their toilets. One leads to the other. Our culture flies and so does our vengeance – with JDAM precision.

Frankly, I’d allow the fuckers to wallow in their own Dark Age’s crapulence. But I’d be prepared to wield the big stick when it has to be wielded and not be ashamed it is a big-stick against their twig because until they grow-up and join the modern World then fuck’em.

PS or the World of the ancestors. Our- you know – “heritage”. I will not be lectured to by pompous oafs as to how “trad” their culture is when they are paving it. I shall not be told I’m an Islamophobe for saying this when Notre Dame still stands in the secular RF, yet the Mosque of Abu Bakr is now a bloody Hilton or a car park or some such.

T Dan Smith would have done much the same. All collectivists want to wipe-out history. They may differ as to what they want to build on their clean slate (it’s invariably ghastly) but they all want a clean slate.

*A brisk walk down the road is the Newcastle “Pink Triangle” which boasts (always amuses me when I pass it) a pub called Camp David.


  1. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “Actually they don’t show dead kiddies anyway being civilized and all”

    That and that fact that in the current round of mutual murder, none have died*

    Whereas (depending on the reports you care to believe), a dozen Palestinian kids are dead. Odd that we don’t see video footage of those kids being eviscerated. It’s not okay just because the bombs are shiny and cool and it looks like a video game.

    Do you ever wonder why Hamas has such support? They are by and large, sick fucks with no vision of the future, but current Israeli policy drives the Gazans into their hands. They would not of course go away entirely if the Israelis started acting peacefully, but support for them would surely collapse and history shows that terror groups without support in their own population can’t win, whereas terror groups that have a much support in their home base can’t be beaten

    Ask yourself that question and you maybe someway towards peace. Keep murdering, and you will be stuck in a rut of violence; surely that is now clear no matter how hi-tech the weapons?

    (* which is in no way due to Hamas restraint of course. These murdering nihilsts clearly have no conscience and would kill Israeli kids if they could and bear responsibility for their own kids deaths).

  2. Mr Ed says:

    The demographics don’t look good. In Israel, the Hassidics have large families, and will soon be very powerful, and they don’t do military service, for now anyway. Isral may become more religious (rather than socialist). The Gaza and West Bank populations will continue to grow, and on no side is there much intent to trade. The Israelis and West Bank even have a taxation treaty forbidding tax competition. The money for Israel’s weapons will run down as the US devalues the dollar.

    However, fracking may well make the Middle East irrelevant to world hydrocarbon supplies, so we could all give it the importance that it deserves.

    Fine though Grey Street is, it reminds me of parts of Vienna, look at the number of people ambling around the city centre during the working day who do not engage in economic activity, as in any major city in England, and you will see that there is trouble ahead.

  3. Edward Lud says:

    Serious question: aside from the difference in the youth demographic, what significant differences between the West Bank and Gaza account for the varying degrees of civil society to be found in those two holiday spots?

  4. NickM says:

    Hamas has such support as it does because they can organize, because they are funded by the likes of Shoddy Absurdia (where a woman can fly an airliner due to the largess of a prince but still not drive a car) and do you reckon those Fajr rockets that almost hit TA were supplied by Iran at market rates? OK, you might say the same about Israeli jets but that is a nub of it. It isn’t so much that DC has a Jewish lobby as much as an Israeli pork-barrel. Yes, I know. But Israel has 20+ firm orders for the F-35 and around 50 options. 50 is an interesting number. Apart from international contributions I think it is wise to reflect that the F-35 programme is “creating jobs” in (I think) 48 of 50 states. No wonder it is mired! Goes directly against all of Kelly Johnson’s principles.

    E Lud,
    As far as I can see it (I’ll admit to being out of my depth here) the WB isn’t a total shit-festival yet Gaza is. Despite all the sound and fury the Egyptians don’t want Gazans. They have border controls too.

    Mr Ed,
    Please explain how a devalued US dollar makes it more expensive for Israel (or anyone else) to buy an F-16?

  5. Edward Lud says:

    NickM, that was precisely my point: why is Gaza so much more of a hole than the West Bank? Up until a few years ago, they were pretty much of the same kidney.

  6. NickM says:

    Were they really? Gaza is essentially a city state (failed) and the WB is a fairly pleasant rural-type place where they grow olives and such. Gaza in order to be functional has to have a much more sophisticated economy but obviously that is tricksome. There is a nasty circle of despair going on. A huge part of that being that the whole gaff is on bennies. I would argue that the whole “two state solution” is ludicrous (perhaps deliberately so?) because the genuine issues (not the Jihad ones) facing both are so totally different. Gaza needs to re-invent itself as a tax-haven or tourist gaff or set-up hi-tech. It needs to think Shanghai or Singapore but none of this shall work whilst it is Allah’ed to buggery on hand-outs. The WB because of it’s agricultural potential and more sane leadership has had it easier. Partly naturally and partly of their own making.

  7. Single Acts of Tyranny says:


    No, I reckon the Iranian rockets were probably smuggled in at no cost to Hezbollah. They are another player that needs a war distraction to divert attention from the god-awful mess they have made of Iran. Just as Netanyahu and Hamas need the war, thus the war.

    Possibly another reason to stop pointless threats towards Iran. If you could but Hamas funding and weapons, you could make a major contribution to stopping violence.

  8. NickM says:

    Obviously at no cost to Hezbollah. They were fired by Hamas from Gaza not Hezbollah from Lebanon.

  9. NickM says:

    I think Iran is a mighty issue. I for one don’t think whacking it is the answer. I suspect despite the brutality of the regime when the “Arab Spring” goes Persian the Ayatollahs will have enough on their plate. There are enough Iranians old enough who remember girls in their summer clothes and enough young enough to download what they bloody well want to their iPods. There shall be Hell to pay. And they’ll do it better than last time. A kinda “Turkish solution” in Iran would be a game-changer. Obviously, you know better than I do on this score but my feeling is (a) attacking Iran is unpossible for Israel (the US could do it, but shouldn’t) and (b) utterly counter-productive. The second is because unlike many states in that neck of the woods there is a real feeling of national pride. That came through with their war against Saddam.

  10. Mr Ed says:

    @Nick: The US will run out of money and won’t be able to support Israel to the same extent as it does now, and US money from private donations won’t go so far. Some budgets will have to be cut.

    I don’t see how Gaza could become a tax haven for a while, as first it needs to develop an ideology to believe in property and low taxes, and remove the opportunity costs of kidnapping etc., and then reputation. I agree that hand-outs perpetuate the problem, and, as with anywhere else, breeds avoidance to trade and to rational economic activity.

    A decade or so back, a friend of mine went there to holiday with a relative working in the UAE, it was much cooler (relatively) than UAE in high summer, and not an unpleasant place by the account I heard. The Med already has Monaco, but that could be an aspiration, but not for a while.

    Funny how people ignore examples of what works, and go for what clearly doesn’t.

  11. RAB says:

    It’s a couple of years old, and Hitchens isn’t my favorite writer, but this article on Gaza is very good at giving the whole picture, not just the prison camp one you get from the BBC and Guardian…

  12. Kevin B says:

    I think the prospect of Gaza being a tourist trap may have to be postponed. Seems the locals had been having a bit too much fun in the Water Park and Hamas decided to take it out.

  13. Bunny says:

    Gaza was a refugee camp from WWI due to the fighting around Gaza between Empire and Ottoman forces, I do wonder how many refugees are descended from the WWI camps and not the ’48 camps. Hamas destroying a fun park, nice chaps, no! No fun here, we worship the prophet!

  14. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Obviously at no cost to Hezbollah. They were fired by Hamas from Gaza not Hezbollah from Lebanon”

    sorry, my bad, looney-fatigue!!

  15. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “The second is because unlike many states in that neck of the woods there is a real feeling of national pride. That came through with their war against Saddam”

    Yep, there are a lot of ‘em unlike Iraq or Libya and their armed forces, whilst no match for the Yanks are much better than in 1980.

    I was chatting to a friend in the RAF on leave from Helmand and he told me the feeling amongst lots of the armed forces is simply fatigue at all the wars. Whilst they will tolerate the low-level Afghan stuff, Iran with guided missiles aplenty is a different thing altogether.

    After a few glasses of wine he said that many of ‘em think that another major war would mean resignations aplenty and you have to believe the MOD know this.

    I just hope some rogue nutcase doesn’t bag a Yank ship with a silkworm in the Persian gulf because that would be the spark.

  16. NickM says:

    I know. It’s flicking a dodgy lighter during a petrol-pissing contest. Ever seen a BLEVE? I once caused a minor one. I leapt through a bush and used some intemperate language (I think I saw consistently for over three minutes without repeating myself). Bush was almost totalled. I had explaining to do. Fast talk D100 roll in 1,2,3… I nearly died. Bloody good fun mind. It went up like some form of cunt. It was like fucking Dresden. And it went “woof!”

    Nick, PhD Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (abandoned).

  17. Mr Ed says:

    The Israelis remind me of the Ratel, or Honey Badger. They face implausible odds, and know that they have to fight to survive, so they do, unlike Europeans.

    Here is a Ratel facing down lions, bees, a monitor lizard, snakes (venom-induced comas) and whatever else it faces.

    The little rascal has spiwit, bwavado, a touch of dawing-do.

  18. NickM says:

    Mr Ed,
    Like the 438 Brits killed in Afghanistan? Or the lads who carried out the most recent bayonet charge in history. Like the Danes or the French, the Poles and Germans and all the rest.

  19. Tim Newman says:

    Nick, I think you’ll like this.

    The clip of the Blue Angel going supersonic 20ft above the waters is awesome.

  20. Tim Newman says:

    Ever seen a BLEVE?

    Thankfully no, but in my line of work we know what they are and have seen enough videos to know that you don’t want to see one.

    I have seen the flare of an LNG plant burning an entire train’s worth of production during commissioning though*. The heat radiation off that melted snow within a 2km radius. Hydrocarbon fires are pretty scary things.

    *If anyone wants, I can tell you why.

  21. Mr Ed says:

    @Nick the Europeans in Afghanistan are not in a fight to survive, they are on a fool’s errand and suicide mission. Fighting a pointless, aggressive war is not a survival tactic, quite the reverse. Whilst they have over the years, chased the Taliban out of towns, retreated and then gone back in, and so on, backing a government that rigs elections, the door to the UK is open to the likes of Abu Qatada who cannot be removed.

    The Europeans do not fight to remove enemies in their midst, in fact, they subsidise them.

    The entire NATO mission is pointless, as is NATO. It has become more aggressive than the Warsaw Pact, which only invaded its own members.

  22. NickM says:

    You are truly a scholar and a gentleman. That Tomcat rooster tails and the Atlas are just gorgeous. to an aero-pornisto like me that is music for my organ. I’ve never seen the Blue Angels (or the Thunderbirds) but I have seen some serious kit. My wife was like somethinged by a Harrier GR-7 that did nothing. It just hung there, “bowed” to the audience and then buggered off.

    Mr Ed,
    Yes, we are utterly wasting our time in the ‘stan. NATO still matters and we have bled with the USA not for the first or (alas) the last time (if you see what I mean). As to the “enemy within argument” – very complicated. But as to Abu Qatada. I’d just have that cunt shot and dumped in a canal. Or sent to Yemen. Or something vile. Or maybe not. We gave you the hookster! Eventually. I’m vague as to what Abu Qatada did other than claim bennies at an industrial rate. You know what makes more sense to me? If the USA and EU stopped playing silly buggers over mutual immigration.

  23. Mr Ed says:

    @Nick you might appreciate the clinical accuracy of the TOW missile, albeit against a static tank, but what strikes me is how it detonates precisely above the tank and sends its charge through the turret so accurately. Btw nothing happens for the first 29 seconds. This reassures me that (i) Israel can be very clinical with this sort of armoury, and (ii) tank charges into Israel would be suicide on an epic scale. I also suspect that Hamas would prefer to stick with the V1-esque randomness of their primitive rockets, as they are more worrying for the civil population.

  24. Paul Marks says:

    So the Israeli Prime Minister “needs war”.

    Uncle Single.

    You are wrong.

    Your whole effort to pretend that Hamas and the Israeli Prime Minister are on the same moral level is terrible

    The Prime Minister was well ahead in the polls – before the attack on the leading terrorist in Gaza (a man who had fired thousands of rockets in Israel), I was in Israel at the time – I know that the Prime Minister certainly did not “need war”. Indeed war messes up his aim of getting government spending under control.

    How do you explain that Uncle Single – a “greedy Jew” messing up his own plans to control government spending, because he “needs war”? That does not make much sense now does it?

    Will you not even consider the possibility that the war was FORCED on the Israeli Prime Minister by thousands of rockets (ever worse rockets) being fired from Gaza – which, I remind, you is NOT “occupied” (indeed has been “Jew Free” for years).

    For your next trick are you going to pretend that the Prime Minister’s brother (who went on the raid to Uganda in the 1970s to free hostages held by the Marxist, “Bader-Meihof”, allies of the Islamists – oh yes the Red/Green alliance goes back that far) “needed war”? Perhaps young “Bibi” neeeded war when he himself served in the Israeli Special Forces (and was almost drowned – by the way look up the religion of the Israeli soldier who saved young “Bibi”s life, the man was NOT Jewish).

    This “they are both as bad as each other” stuff is vile, utterly vile.

  25. Paul Marks says:

    By the way – Muslim civilians have been targeted in Gaza.

    By HAMAS.

    They have even killed their own people’s children.

    Inluding the child they were waving around for the benefit of the BBC.

    First they said the Jews killed the child.

    Now they killed the child but it was an accident.

    Are the Muslim civilians being dragged through the streets of Gaza to be spat on and abused (before they are shot) also an accident?

    “They do not matter – they are spies of the Jews”.

    Oh that is O.K. then.

  26. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    From the Daily Mash ~

    ISRAEL and Hamas last night admitted the latest wave of deadly violence was one of the best they had seen in years.

    As the international community condemned Palestinian rocket attacks against southern Israel and the corresponding Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip, both sides agreed it was ‘more fun than a barrel of heavily-armed suicide monkeys’.

    Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said: “You’ve got to hand it to Hamas, they are the dog’s bollocks when it comes to unrelentingly insane terrorist opponents.
    “Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas are so sensible and tedious. It’s all talking and protesting and chucking a few rocks once a week. Sure we can flatten a few streets but it’s not the same. Rocket attacks mean you can go balls-out crazy apeshit.
    “I just love Hamas. They really get us.”

    Meanwhile a Hamas spokesman said: “Hats off to the Israelis, they’ve done it again.
    “This is the sort of top drawer, high quality violence that could keep us all going for years and years. Vintage stuff.

    “In fact, if I wasn’t a Muslim being attacked by Jews I’d say it was the perfect Christmas present.”

    He added: “Imagine if they invade! No, stop, I don’t want to jinx it.”

  27. Mr Ed says:

    There’s an app to tell you when rockets are on the way.

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