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More is uncovered

I am running a very unsophisticated blog on a laptop and an iPhone.   Just imagine what information about the trustworthiness of Julia Eileen Gillard has been uncovered by the security agencies from countries that Australia deals with.

Please resign.

She’s gunna have to go, and soon.

The ABC, even the ABC, has started asking questions, and when she’s lost that lot, the media arm of the ALP, she has lost the whole lot.

This is unsustainable.

And Pickering seems to be inviting a lawsuit.

and no-one would have been the wiser, except…
Except that one of these two people decided they wanted to be Prime Minister.

I think nothing would give him greater pleasure than for Julia Gillard to sue for defamation. She won’t of course.

BTW, Nicola Roxon is the Attorney General, and Bill Shorten is Minister for Employment and Minister for Financial Services – both of em members of the Gillard Cabinet.


At the time of Julia Gillard’s last visit to Afghanistan

Extreme Centrist said:                          

                                I’ve got a few mates over there at the moment. When Julia last visited, she was really impressed that the diggers saluted her all the time
For those who need a little help, Phil is happy to oblige.

Phil Gibbs said:                          
                                Extreme Centrist…   I am surprised that nobody has picked up on your innuendo "ref" the saluting in a war zone.   What a bloody pity that the Taliban don’t have a single sniper worth his shekels.

Thing is, the Prime Minister is a civilian, and NOT the CinC. My understanding is that she has no entitlement to a salute in the first place. Anyone know the the correct protocol in Anglo style militaries?
Is David Cameron saluted? Surely not.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Another Economist magazine supported person turns out to be a scumbag – no surprise there.

  2. RAB says:

    She came to power in a Putch, so when does she get the putch?

    I always salute iDave, even when just on television, with an Agincourt wave.

  3. Mr Ed says:

    Should she not get a Zogist salute, popularised by the late King Zog of Albania?

    It could be used to mean ‘Hands off my wallet!’ etc., and it would be more ‘inclusive’.

  4. Pavlov's Cat says:

    You don’t salute officers in a war zone as it marks them out to snipers. (Also why they wear the same uniform as the enlisted with minimal rank badges these days . German snipers professed to liking the gold bars & stars on US helmets as it gave them something to aim at.)
    By killing the officers you disrupt the chain of command more than by killing some enlisted oik .

    By saluting her , the diggers were pointing out to any watching Afghan that here was someone worthy of their attention

  5. Mr Ed says:

    In the UK, the Chief of the Defence staff commands the Blairmacht, and he legally answers to the Defence Council, chaired by the SOS for Defence, under Letters Patent from HM:

    The PM appoints and can sack the SoS for Defence and appoint himself SoS should he wish, but otherwise the PM only has indirect command of indirect command of the Armed Forces. There is no reason to salute the PM at all as far as I can see.

    The Metropolitan Police seem to salute the PM in Downing St, for reasons I cannot fathom at all.

  6. Lynne says:

    The only salute worthy of politicians began life as the opening stance for a two fingered nostril throw. It’s similar to RAB’s Agincourt wave but for morons who believe history should be rewritten by class envy losers to the point that anything carrying the taint of triumphalism is to be stamped out in case kids begin to believe that actually Britain once was, and can be again, Great.

  7. bloke in spain says:

    I believe it’s the Office being saluted rather than the individual.
    Of course, whether that’s just the desk & chair or includes the wall to wall carpeting & cocktail cabinet…..

  8. Andy says:

    From my own experience in the Army,I was always told that you are saluting the rank not the man,so someone who isnt a commissioned officer doesnt or at least shouldnt get a salute but I can see why visiting VIPs get a salute out of simple courtesy.

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