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Drought your fault

Correction, that should of course read Flood your fault.

I am grateful to the “Nanny knows best” for this link

which was too good to miss.  I suspect the potato farmer in question may now be considering switching to rice, but there is a serious point.

The ever-charming and truthful BBC were telling us only seven months ago that we would have a drought until Christmas, blah blah and you know it’s all part of a certain narrative.  So remember the drought is caused by you driving cars or flying or something, and so is the flood because they have been interviewing utter halfwits saying “argh… tis the worst I’ve ever seen it, so it is”

It’s not like there are comprehensive records available anywhere that show heavy rainfall is quite normal in late autumn, no. Let’s rely on the panicked observations of poorly educated simpletons.

Remember plebs, it’s all your fault.

In some way.

So we will have to increase taxes.


  1. Schrodinger's Dog says:

    Clearly the next stage in the climate change saga is to claim it’s a quantum effect: it can cause both drought and flooding at the same time.

    I shouldn’t have written that, should I? It just might give some people ideas.

  2. Talwin says:

    For those who come up with the ‘worst it’s ever been’ schtick, perhaps they are unaware of such as the Aberfan disaster in 1966 where rain caused the coal tip to slip, causing the death of 144 including 116 children.

    Or the Lynmouth flood of 1952 where 34 from the town and its environs lost their lives.

    Then, of course, there was no global warming; just occasional extreme weather with tragic consequences.

  3. Jim says:

    The rain we’re having now is not really much out of the ordinary for the time of year. Its winter in the UK, it rains! What was unusual was the excessive rain from April to August, which has resulted in saturated ground at a time of the year when its normally bone dry. Thus the perfectly normal current rainfall has nowhere to go but straight into the stream and rivers, and then flood out further downstream.

    Its quite simple, its not ‘climate change’, it happens on a fairly regular basis in the UK. In fact the excessive rain in the summer is the exact opposite of what the official climate change predictions for the UK have told us to expect – hotter and drier summers was the prediction. And strangely enough 4 of the top 10 wettest UK summers on record have happened in the last 6 years.

    Reality will catch up with all this climate bollocks eventually.

  4. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    “those who come up with the ‘worst it’s ever been’ schtick”

    They are just simpletons anxious to grab 15 seconds of fame on the television and will thoughtlessly agree with anything the interviewer says. Said interviewer looking for drama is unlikely to say, “would you agree with rainfall stats which show this is the fourth heaviest rainfall in 22 years?”

    So you get the ‘worst I’ve ever seen’ says six-year old Chardonnay from some shit-box northern post-industrial dump.

  5. Thornavis says:

    If they just did one of those ‘ 100 Years Ago ‘ features, it wouldn’t take a lot of research an hour or so with old newspapers, they would discover that the summer of 1912 was very similar to this year, perhaps a bit worse even, the autumn wasn’t much better either. I expect it was all those smoky chimneys what done it.

  6. Talwin says:

    Thornavis – ‘smoking chimneys’.

    T. not sure of your vintage but in the 1950s and early 60s any crap/unusual weather was down to ‘THE BOMB’. Honestly.

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