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To hell with them all

Why is everyone waiting on Leveson?

Where is the outrage at the idea that anyone should even consider that the state grant itself the right to speak truth to anyone?

Truth? From those with power? Are you out of your tiny cotton pickin mind?

Who cares what Leveson reports, why would anyone think the enquiry is anything bar an abuse in the first place?

Update: Govt will ‘err on the side of freedom’ – Hague

When it comes to regulation of the press the Government will "err on the side of freedom", William Hague has said.


The problem is that he even thinks he has any authority to exercise in the first place.


  1. Edward Lud says:

    NickM, there are no good answers to any of your questions.

  2. RAB says:

    It would be nice just once in a while for those in Power to tell the truth to the Press, but as we all know, the default position is to lie through their teeth on a daily basis. That’s why the Press has to use subdefuge and deception to weedle the truth out of the bastards.

    Whatever Leveson comes up with should be completely ignored.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Judge Leveson should be told to go and jump in the river.

    The government will (as it does with the E.U. and everything else) try and “make a deal”.

    Fudge rots your teeth.

    And it is no good as a policy choice either.

    REJECT Leveson – otherwise his poison will come in step-by-step.

    Witht the courts saying that anyone who does not sign up to the new system has shown “reckless disregard”.

    Translation into English…….

    “Sign up – or we will automatically find against you in a civil action”.

    So much for “British justice”.

  4. Mr Ed says:

    Ex Communist Lord Justice Sedley described the principle that a Claimant’s damages should not exceed his losses as a ‘bedrock of our law’. (Cerberus Software v Rowley).

    The notion that damages should be punitive is, literally, alien. To increase damages for conduct not even connected to the tort does violence to the rule of law. You might ave hoped that another Lord Justice would at least acknowledge that in the breach!

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