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Simpler times

I guess you have seen this before, but what the hell.

In the spirit of the times – To heck with all them ‘isms.


  1. Robert Edwards says:

    The title music is curiously familiar…

  2. RAB says:

    No I hadn’t seen it before, thanks Cats. 1936 or there abouts. The only Civics class anyone needs to take. Bound to be labelled racist today though, no black faces in it at all.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    There are black faces – in the school at the start. “Every race…”

    The film is from 1948 – when America was perhaps the most free large nation on Earth.

    But this freedom was not lost because people were converted to some “ism”.

    Not at all – it was lost bit-by-bit (and it has been the process long before 1948).

    “Let us have a law to deal with this terrible problem….”

    “Let us have a scheme to help these people who are suffering…..”

    That is how freedom has been lost – not by the conversion to an ism.

    Indeed only an “ism” (an IDEOLOGICAL committment to freedom) could have prevented this.

    But most people are “practical” and “pragmatic”.

    Which means that freedom (in the long term) gets destroyed.

  4. Mr Ed says:

    Many saw what was coming. It had, of course, already arrived long ago.

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