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Pearls of Wisdom

The free press is the ubiquitous vigilant eye of a people’s soul, the embodiment of a people’s faith in itself, the eloquent link that connects the individual with the state and the world, the embodied culture that transforms material struggles into intellectual struggles and idealises their crude material form. It is a people’s frank confession to itself, and the redeeming power of confession is well known. It is the spiritual mirror in which a people can see itself, and self-examination is the first condition of wisdom. It is the spirit of the state, which can be delivered into every cottage, cheaper than coal gas. It is all-sided, ubiquitous, omniscient. It is the ideal world which always wells up out of the real world and flows back into it with ever greater spiritual riches and renews its soul.

Karl Marx – On Freedom of the Press

H/T Brendan O’Neill

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    “Where the state is the sole employer, dissent is death by slow starvation”

    Trotsky – as reported by Max Eastman (once an assistant of Trotsky’s).

    Trotsky did not see that this did not just apply to the rule of Stalin – it would also apply under any form of socialist rule (including “democratic socialism”).

    Max Eastman did understand that – and rejected his own socialism.

    Freedom of the press is WITHOUT MEANING where the collective controls the inc, the paper, and the printing press.

    A “materialist” such as Karl Marx should see that.

    And, of course, he did.

    His words quoted in this post are not sincere.

    No more than those swine who say they support freedom of the press but feel “something has to be done” are sincere.

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