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Cats moved to a new ISP today, and from ADSL to ADSL2.

The new ISP didn’t tell me it was happening this morning.

The replacement preconfigured modem/router, which I didn’t need but was happy to take, not only hasn’t arrived, but they tell me today that it is out of stock…

I hadn’t been sent the new user name or password.

I had to go out this morning.


Still, new faster connection. New, faster and fatter server. Now, all I need do is create a new VM populated with the old data, this one is nearly as old as Cats itself. I did one some time ago, but it got turned into the now defunct Zanzibar Gazette.

A new router in front of the server, and a new switch behind it, might be good too.


  1. Lynne says:

    Cats, any improvement has to be a good improvement in this case. Glad to see your heart is bigger than the rough ride you’ve been given over the last couple of days, including my input.

  2. David Gillies says:

    How much does broadband cost in Oz? I think my Mum in the UK pays something like a tenner a month for 6 Mbps, which is more than adequate for her needs.

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