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Greenland: Catastrophic ice melt


Apparently the Greenland ice sheet is 260 feet higher than when the planes landed in 1942.


  1. RAB says:

    “The Polar Ice is melting! The Polar Ice is melting! You’re doomed unless you do exactly as we say.”

    Er… but the Antarctic ice is thicker than has ever been recorded before.

    La La La can’t hear you. The Ice is melting the ice is melting!

  2. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Somewhat OT (but related):

    Some months ago there was a programme on the telly that touched on this, sort of. It seems that Greenland had a very high crash rate when planes landed. Some bright spark figured out that it was owing to the planes using radar-based altimeters. The radar penetrated the ice and gave the distance to the ground underneath the ice instead of the distance to the ice’s surface, hence the high crash rate.

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