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Julia Gillard…

Let’s be honest…

I often feel out of my depth here. I really don’t care too much for poli-tricks and Aussie poli-tricks even less so. But of course our host is of the “upside-down” variety so clearly what Ms Gillard says and does matters to him. Fair play olive-drab ciggy packs and all. Whatever!

But, regular readers may have noticed that I do have an interest in what you might term popular culture so what I do notice about Ms Gillard is that she looks like Jodie Foster’s ugly sister.

I appreciate that is hardly a remark worthy even of Polly but it’s true.



Look-up other piccies – you’ve got the ‘net – you’ll see what I mean.

Oh and in my defense on being more interested in pop-culture than pol-culture (apart from the fact that pols tend to be ugly as sin – nobody ever looked at Ed Balls and felt lurve – last time I saw him on the telly I felt vaguely nauseous) it has to be said that Jodie Foster has been in some entertaining movies which is more than can be said for Julia Gillard.

Ah, but Nick! You ain’t taking things seriously enough! Yes I am. You act well in a good movie. That’s bringing something to the party. You politic and you ain’t. Acting is more important than politics. Mime is more important than politics.

The greatest trick the pols ever pulled was to convince you otherwise. Politics is nothing but show-biz for talentless munters.


  1. Henry Crun says:

    Jody Foster – yes I would. Julia Gillard nah.

  2. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Jody Foster – yes I would.

    Jody Foster – no, she wouldn’t.

  3. NickM says:

    Jodie Foster is a lesbian. She was coy about it for decades because she was the reason Ronald Reagan was shot so she played her private cards very close after that.

    Yes, the nut-case who shot Ronnie was stalking Jodie Foster. He’d found out she was a Democrat so thought he’d win her heart by assassinating the Republican Prez. As you do, if you are mental. Most people say it with flowers, he said it with lead. Needless to say the young Ms Foster (bear in mind she was a child star in the ’70s) becomes very close about her personal life. She was understandably traumatized by an attack that nearly killed Reagan and left one of the Secret Service in a wheelchair for life. I recall the head of the Secret Service interviewed and admitting (I think fair enough) that there was no way he could have planned for anything as bizarre. I mean OK, the Soviets try and whack the pope via the Bulgarians and using a Turkish patsy and that makes sense. Wrong, evil and vile but it makes sense… By which I mean something the Swiss Guard ought to have gamed for but Ronnie?

  4. NickM says:

    Lolz! :-) In a nutshell, sir!

  5. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Isn’t modern politics showbiz for ugly people?

  6. NickM says:

    I think I said that. Anyway, judging by the X-Factor isn’t showbiz showbiz for ugly people now?

    PS. In case it hasn’t permeated to your sub-tropical climes, “munter” is a term that means an extremely unattractive woman. A swamp donkey if you will with an ass like a slater’s nail-bag. A pig in knickers or indeed a hound of the Baskevilles. An utter Sea Monster. Something that moos. And is covered in kelp. And it’s been round the block so many times it’s like chucking a Woodbine down Oxford Street in a drunken and probably flatulent attempt at intercourse. This is of course assuming you got that far which means forget the beer-goggles – it’s time for vodka visor!

    Once when I was about 17 I was at a bus-stop in Northumberland (beautiful scenery – in parts – this was not it) and there is a muntering in the bushes behind. Then some female pipes-up, “Eee lads, you’re missing a reet treat, me pal’s having a slash here”.

    Dear reader, we, all fit, healthy lads in our late teens, did the only rational thing. We ran away. No words were spoken. Just millisecond looks.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    …an ass like a slater’s nail-bag

    Ahem. ‘Ass’, Brit-Boy?

  8. NickM says:

    This is now the PG-13 Nick. It hurts.

    Oh, and I thought it also went well with my “swamp donkey” ref.

    But “Brit-Boy”?!?!?

    I’m English. Well Anglo-Irish but English anyway. Essentially Viking. I have a jupitron to prove it…

  9. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    LOL But ‘English-Boy’ ain’t alliterative.

  10. Bod says:

    Cats, Totally OT, but I think your MX record is fubared.

    The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at
    [(10) []:25: Connection timed out]

  11. Henry Crun says:

    I am we’ll aware of Ms Foster’s sexual preference. How does that make her any less desirable?

  12. NickM says:

    Do I need to draw a diagram? You might think she is like well fit (I may concur) but she likes girls with like tits and a cuny and such. So you ain’t going to get anywhere. I mean seeing as she has been into women for the last thirty years it seems unlikely she’ll change now. I can say much the same about myself. I also like women.

  13. Paul Marks says:

    The Economist magazine supported Julia-the-Red at the last Australian election.

    What more does anyone need to know?

  14. Gar says:

    I make no attempt to hide my unnatural fondness for redheads. Your pictures and the resulting dialogue have made me question, to a large extent, just how much homeliness can be overlooked because of the fiery locks.

    I mean, in the right light, when she does that one thing.

  15. Parlington says:

    I am reminded of Martin Bormann whenever I see mr balls. I suspect were balls to gain office others may find this likeness also… I hope only his likeness and not his deeds!

  16. John Galt says:

    I am reminded of Martin Bormann whenever I see mr balls.

    Yes, now you mention it there is some similarity, but not striking I would say.

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