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This is it!

It’s become something of a tradition around this gaff for me to post this for Christmas. (obviously if you prefer you can always listen to (should be thrown of a) Cliff Richard’s simply magisterial rendering of “Mistletoad and Whine”).

So to all of you, a very Happy Christmas!

I once almost spent Christmas in NYC (Christmas Day itself was in Miami – and that was cool – or rather warm enough to swim and then wind-up with a bunch of Jews in a bar on South Beach with a pint (US) from a micro-brewery and a cigar (from Cuba – there are ways and means)). But I spent the night two days before Christmas drinking whiskey and smoking weed on a roof-top in lower Manhattan overshadowed by a pair of of buildings that aren’t there no more. It was bitter cold but the company was excellent and I had my Jack Daniels coat on and a spliff and I was in NYC, somewhat drunk, reasonably stoned, on a roof looking at the Chrysler Building all lit-up and the World was most wonderful. And I was with a gorgeous woman.

I mark that Crimble with a white stone.

So have fun. I shall!


  1. Lynne says:

    Merry Crimble, Nick. Same to all my fellow kitty counters. Not forgetting our Kitty commenters, watchers and lurkers.


  2. RAB says:

    Nice anecdote there Nick. A swim in the sea on Christmas day, that’s class. But thinking about it, Cats can do the same if he fancies it, can’t he?

    The Mother is already upon us and she is hunkered down with a cup tea and biccies waiting for Deal or no Deal’s big Christmas Dinner. May god have mercy on my soul! Fortunately my Mansion has many rooms, and she’s installed in living room 1 while I’m tapping this out in living room 2.

    And yes Merry Christmas to one and all, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

  3. John Galt says:

    Merry Christmas one and all and a Happy 2012.

    Here in warm, but rather dark Penang, the muezzin is making his final adhan of the day (Muslim call to prayer) and the smell of cooking is in the air of the apartment. A special treat for Christmas Eve of fried oyster omelette with rice along with extra special Chinese hot chili oil.

    Tomorrow a Christmas Day trip up to Batu Ferringhi (Foreigner’s Rock) and a traditional English Christmas dinner including turkey, trimmings, Yorkshire pudding and gravy around the pool, before languishing in the pool until the sun goes down.

    I expect to regain consciousness sometime around the second week of February.


  4. John Galt says:

    Apologies – I meant to say “Merry Christmas one and all and a Happy 2013″. Not even 9PM and I’m already half-cut.

  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Have a Happy Christmas, everyone. Or not, if, you know, you don’t want to. Libertarian, after all. :)

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