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The World is Mad!

I just heard Cherie Blair is to be made a CBE for “Services to Charity” and “Women’s Issues”. Now to be fair to Ms Booth she has advanced the position dramatically of at least one woman. Or perhaps she ought to have got it for “Services to Drama” for she (a) owns the world’s largest dressing-up box and (b) she is the real Lady Macbeth.

On the other hand I was vaguely amused that, as the BBC put it, Sarah Storey (our local heroine*) has been “Made a Dame” which makes her sound like some sort of transgendered gangster. Her hubby, the similarly gold-winning, Barney got nowt which is fair enough because he almost totaled me on his bike recently.

*I posted all my Crimble cards into her golden slot.


  1. I despair says:

    Vile creature. No punishment is to severe for that woman.

  2. Dizzy Ringo says:

    Are you sure Ms Booth didn’t get it for services to dentistry? A smile like that would send anyone to their dentist for remedial work……

  3. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    It’s really just the elite awarding itself ribbons and a few populist titbits.

    It reminds me of the North Korean generals.

  4. Simon Jester says:

    I posted all my Crimble cards into her golden slot.

    And I got criticised for referring to Amy Pond’s crack! Incidentally, no-one seems to have commented on this Crimble’s Dr. Who episode…

  5. NickM says:

    Well Simon, Paul did on his thread on Feudal law. I thought he was bang-on. Especially about the clunking lines on gay marriage and “Victorian values”. I’m pretty socially liberal (well extremely so…) but they clanged in the way re-boot Who hasn’t in the past. I mean like Captain Jack and stuff.

  6. RAB says:

    and a few populist titbits.

    Yep. My cousin got an MBE last year for her services to the NHS (scarfing up a six figure salary and trying to figure what for) and my wife got the Imperial Service Medal for basically turning up on time for twenty five years. Nice bit of tin mind, it could stop a bullet if accurately placed.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    Sheesh. It’s only the 29th. Give it a few years and they’ll be announcing these things in July. At the rate they’re going they’ll certainly have turned them into the Christmas Honours before 2025.

  8. Mr Ed says:

    It could be worse, as a High Court judge the creature would become a ‘Dame’, and be entrenched, barring impeachment, in the England and Wales judicial system.

    The bulk of the honours have nothing to do with the Queen, it is all part of the State’s routine, as if the State transforms a person by edict into one more worthy, all pure fantasy, but it is fairly cheap.

  9. johnd2008 says:

    I decided long ago that if offered a gong, I would refuse it as I would not want to be associated with the “great and the good”.

  10. LJH says:

    Are there any CBE holders who’ll return their honours out of fastidiousness?

  11. Simon Jester says:

    Silly me, although I was thinking about more than one sentence – still, I agree with that sentence.

  12. Mr Ed says:

    Recalling the British participation in the invasion of Afghanistan, I had the distinct impression at the time of the build up to the war that the Socialists were excited by the prospect of imposing women’s rights at the point of gun on the Afghans. The deaths of so many working class British young men as a consequence was, of course, immaterial. This was the genesis of the transformation of the British Armed Forces into the Blairmacht.

    The citation for this honour suggests to me that fomenting the latest Afghan war was its origin.

  13. “Blairmacht” Ha ha ha, that’s a new one on me.

    Apparently Livingstone (sic) was offered one. No, really, Ken Livingstone!

  14. Well at least they are not giving these honours to convicted fraudsters because that would make a complete mockery of the whole thing.

    Oh wait….

  15. NickM says:

    My brother (an artist at Sunderland University) met up a while back with various soldiers back from the ‘stan. One of them went into battle with a metal detector and a paint brush he’d bought from B&Q.

    For fuck’s sake! The Yanks have EA-18G Growlers. We send the lads to a DIY store!

    My brother immortalized it in Sunderland-ware with every notch for every IED the chap detected with his brush on the thing. It looks just like the brush my wife painted the living-room with. Humble doesn’t even start…

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