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Phelim McAleer to show his pro-fracking film on Mark Cuban’s AXS network

Dateline 12/25/12. Story continues, and there’s a photo of Mr. Cuban looking as if he’s playing football, at the source. Oh, and comments, too.

Major network set to show FrackNation, which attacks anti-fracking groups….

FrackNation, the controversial film supportive of fracking, has secured a television deal and will premiere January 22, 2013 on AXS TV., the cable channel owned by billionaire Mark Cuban.

“We’re excited to get the truth to the public,” said Irish-born Phelim McAleer, co-director and owner of Hard Boiled Films. “And we’re doubly excited to be working with AXS TV.

His wife Ann McElhinney who co-directed states “There has been a lot of talk about fracking in the media—from documentaries to Oscar-contending films such as Promised Land starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski—but what’s lacking is honesty and perspective,” said McElhinney.


  1. Lynne says:

    Go Phelim!

  2. NickM says:

    “Irish-born Phelim McAleer” – you don’t say!

    Begorrah and all that malarkey!

  3. RAB says:

    Had an absolutely Fracking time yesterday. We got invited to our neighbours across the road for drinks and nibbles, and most of the neighbourhood was there. Very convivial. Then later we had friends in for dinner.

    One friend and his son, who is doing his GCSE’s next year, are Greener than Green. Dad believes in absolutely anything without a scrap of proof or reason, UFO’s, Crop Circles, you name it. And the son, when I asked what he would like to do when he got to University, said Environmental Science. I went in to full sceptic mode of course and asked why “Environmental” rather than just Science? Because he wants to save the world apparently. “Good for you son!” I said, “Follow the money, you’ll be quids in there!” Even at his tender age, he knows what a sardonic old sod I am by now, and winced visibly.

    Both father and son are religiously against Nuclear power and Fracking, believe implicitly in the Gaslands burning water faucet fake up, no matter what evidence you put in front of them. Well it was an interesting evening and no mistake.

    On a lighter note, the lad’s guitar playing is coming on a treat.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    At last Mr Cuban does something sensible with his television network.

    As for the Matt Damon film (which Phelim McAleer is replying to) – it is a vile mess of lies (paid for by Arab oil interests).

    Matt Damon is a disgrace.

  5. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Following on from RAB’s anecdote…

    Carling don’t do sons (and, of necessity, neither do I), but if they did this is the kid I’d be proud to call my own.

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    Philip, what a story! And…some of the comments were very interesting, and revealing. Thank you so much.

  7. TomO says:

    As one of the sponsors I’m really looking forward to an epidemic of feather spitting Greenies.

    Don’t disappoint Phelim.

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