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The truth about NAZIs

They’re actually “Nazis”.

The pure evil of Herr Hitler (scratch that “Herr” – it is a title of respect and honour that Hitler did nothing to command). I think it was Churchill who called him a “guttersnipe”. And he was right. Hitler was not some great Satanic figure. He was scum with terrible hair. And a ‘ta ch to (literally) die for.

Anyway, back to the point… I recently read on a Kindle a book on etymology and it covered “NAZI” or “Nazi”.

It had this to say. The NAZIs never called themselves “Nazis”. This was an invention of their opponents in the ’30s and a clever one.

Excursion: I never actively took part in the French or German exchanges at my school but I do recall hanging with a load of Germans and finding them by and large to be capital fellows (and some fit birds too – although the German for “nipple” literally translates as “Breast-wart”). The French were unspeakable and all wore jeans with Asterix transfers. The Germans were from Hamburg and termed a rather dim-witted idler of my English acquaintance “The Bavarian” for his dullness. In much the same way the English take ze piss out of the Irish as the Yanks do about Polacks etc. This is important background.

Nazi had been throughout most of Germany a term of abuse against those perceived as “thicker than the LA Times Sunday Edition” before Adolf even soiled a nappy. “Nazi” is apparently a shortened-form of “Ignatious” which was a common Bavarian name. Why? Despite the reformation Bavaria remained stollenly Catholic and Ignatious Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) had a fan-base.

So, when an upstart PFC from Austria starts gobbing off the obvious (to a German speaker) shortening of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party term “Nazi” is coined because it is already a term of abuse and it fits because their power-base was in Bavaria. And it looks like a suitable acronym.

It was clever. So clever it utterly failed to work and fifty million deaths later…

So that is where “NAZI” comes from. It isn’t an acronym and indeed if you used the term in Germany 1933-1945 you’d be for the high-jump.

On the eve of a New Year this is quite an unpleasant post. I apologise but offer this from the incomparable site “Cats that look like Hitler”.

You guys are horrible! You should be ashamed of yourselves! This siteis completely vile. What do you think gives you the right to make funof one of the world’s greatest strategist in the history of time (asidefrom the right to free speech, don’t give me that jargin, though, asmuch as I contradicted myself). I hope you all fall into a chamberthat’s possibly filled with gas!!
- Barney

(all sic – for Barney is clearly a moron). And “strategist”. He lost. Big time. I mean, yeah, declare war on The United States, the British Empire and the Soviet Union pretty much simultaneously if you want to end-up shooting yourself. I have spent many hours playing Sid Meier’s “Civ” and Hitler’s antics were not strategy. They were mere arse-wittery of the first order.

So now for the cute pussy…



Happy New Year folks!


  1. Mr Ed says:

    Hitler was very much the icebreaker for Stalin’s designs on Europe, an excellent book by Vladimir Rezun (ex-Soviet Army) writing as ‘Victor Suvorov’ pretty much set out how Stalin got Hitler to smash up Europe for him, making it ripe for take-over. Stalin’s only error, like Thatcher’s over the Falklands, was to imagine that an idiotic plan for war all round would not be implemented because it was stupid, fine, unless your foe is stupid, but Hitler knew of the Soviet build-up in eastern Poland and on the Romanian border in June 1941 and found that he had no option other than to attack, even though he had no plans for winter. The Soviets were looking, apparently and ironically, for market signals to show that Hitler was planning for a winter battle in the USSR, namely, production to switch to winter oils for engines, and for a glut of mutton driving prices down as sheep were slaughtered for their skins, driving wool prices up and meat prices down. None of this happened as there were no plans for winter warfare in the USSR, but there were plans to invade.

    What is so awful about the situation was how so many supported the idiot, and how the haughty Reichswehr generals, supposedly men of honour, found themselves subordinate to a criminal buffoon.

    If Hitler had declared war on Japan after Pearl Harbor, would that have kept the USA out of the war against Germany? Thank goodness that he didn’t.

  2. Stonyground says:

    That is quite funny, I said out loud when I read Barney’s bit about Hitler being the greatest strategist of all time “He lost”, and then laughed when you said it too. It is such an obvious response to such a stupidly reality challenged assertion.

    It has been a while since I visited the Kitler blog, I think I might pop back there for an update.

  3. Stonyground says:

    I’ve read a couple of books by Victor Suvorov, The Aquarium and Inside the Soviet Army. I found the books to be excellent, he is very readable and told me stuff that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    The NAZIs never called themselves “Nazis”

    They did, however, call each other “Comrade”, just like all the other socialists. Funny, that.

    I didn’t know about the pre-existing insult, though. Interesting.

  5. TomO says:

    Couple of years back while working in Russia I became aware of information coming from the Kremlin archives courtesy of some Russian colleagues and found some translations and articles in English on Russian sites.

    The main revelation was that Stalin had got his generals to plan in detail for a takeover of western Europe in the early 1940s and that invading more than half of Poland and letting the Austrian house painter have the other bit was merely a prelude to EUSSR.

    I guess it’ll all look quite different in another 25 years…..

  6. Kaffeesachse says:

    Thankyou, I had never heard of this older slang usage of ‘Nazi’ before, but it makes sense of something baffling that a German friend found in some 1st World War correspondence he is transcribing. The author, a junior officer in the quasi-independent army of the Kingdom of Saxony (95%+ Protestant, but with a Catholic royal family and Catholic Slav minority), refers repeatedly (with apparent disrespectful intent) to Germany’s (Catholic) Austrian allies as ‘Nazis’!

  7. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    Nick –

    Smokin’ post. I didn’t know about the pre-existing meaning of ‘Nazi’. I suppose that makes it the equivalent of the Mexican ‘Nacho’. Yeah, as in Nacho Libre. Just imagine all those jack-booted Nachos in their Lucha libre masks stomping into Poland.

  8. RAB says:

    So the cute cat said…

    Some Dummkopf has waxed ze floor, no invasion of Poland tonight!

  9. Julie near Chicago says:

    Actually, I took “Barney” as making fun of the Hitlerian-type NAZIs. I thought he was just being sarcastic, regardless of whether he meant “jargon” or–more likely?–”again.”

    Philip, more likely: “Oh good, some Dummkopf wishes me to pose. I trust either cream or sardines will follow.” And a very Happy New Year to both of you!

  10. Paul Marks says:

    The National Socialists called themselves National Socialists – as one would expect.

    However, their Marxist opponents did not like them using the word “Socialist” and so called them “Fascists” (deliberatly “forgetting” that the Italian Fascists were also a socialist movement – founded by the leading Italian Marxist Mussolini who, heretically, mixed nationalism with socialism) or “Nazis”.

    As for Bavaria…..

    Southern (Catholic) Bavaria was the LEAST Nazi area in Germany.

    Something that is still not understood.

    Due to Soviet disinformation campaigns (about “Hitler’s Pope” and so on) dating back many decades – but kept going (by the “liberal” left) to this day.

  11. NickM says:

    Bavaria might have been the least Nazi area of Germany but it was also where the started which is what I meant by “power-base”.

    Also is there a significant difference between “National Socialism” (Hitler) and “Socialism in one country” (Stalin)?

    Mr Ed,
    Interesting stuff about “market signals”. Reminds me of a Clancy I once read (Red Storm Rising?) where little things twitch Jack Ryan’s antennae. A shortage of car and truck batteries in Russia (they’re going into subs), old patriotic movies being cleaned-up and re-released.

    Never thought of that. Hmm… He could still just be a moron.

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