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The asian century changes much

Even Rabbie Burns and Scottish folk tunes:

Isn’t it wonderful?

Happy new year to one and all, Kounters, commenters and lurkers alike…


  1. Lynne says:

    That rendition makes what is a huge slice of sentimental tosh very palatable. Good find.

    All the best Cats.

  2. RAB says:


    But it was the slinky black dresses, not the chords that had you come hither, wasn’t it Cats?

    They are bloody good players though!

  3. Paul Marks says:

    Culturally Asians have taken the best of the West and have adapted it – often in interesting ways.

    Economically the Asian century may (sadly) be a busted flush – not because they have taken too little from the West, but because they have taken too many ideas.

    When I watch an Asian news or current affiars programme they are full of talk of how the state can provide X, Y, Z, for the poor (often for the first time) even the term “social justice” is used.

    Sadly various Asian nations are repeating our mistakes.

    Japan has already done so.

    And the others are following.

    They are also repeating our cultural (social) mistake – as can be seen by the collapse in the fertillity rates.

    Not just in Japan – but in Korea and Taiwan (and so on) also.


    On Chinese shows there is much the same sort of talk.

    However, China is ruled by a vicious dictatorship.

    So I do not know how much to trust what is said on their news and current affairs shows.

    Nor do I even trust their statistics.

    They could be true – or they could be lies.

    I do not want to make the mistake that E.H. Carr made – indeed made twice.

    Trusting Nazi statements and statistics – and trusting Soviet statements and statistics.

    The first rule of an historian – ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SOURCES (never put blind faith in them) seems never to have been taught to E.H. Carr.

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