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A Brave Man…

Yang Jisheng. A Chinese academic who has written a book that might do Mao’s memory irreparable damage. Yes, it’s about the Great Famine that resulted from Mao’s absurd and evil schemes. Yang Jisheng – at great personal risk – dug out the archives on a period of human insanity and vileness that ought to be at least as well known as the Holocaust or Stalin’s purges.

Here’s a taster (for want of a better word).

A decade after the Communist party took power in 1949, promising to serve the people, the greatest manmade disaster in history stalks an already impoverished land. In an unremarkable city in central Henan province, more than a million people – one in eight – are wiped out by starvation and brutality over three short years. In one area, officials commandeer more grain than the farmers have actually grown. In barely nine months, more than 12,000 people – a third of the inhabitants – die in a single commune; a tenth of its households are wiped out. Thirteen children beg officials for food and are dragged deep into the mountains, where they die from exposure and starvation. A teenage orphan kills and eats her four-year-old brother. Forty-four of a village’s 45 inhabitants die; the last remaining resident, a woman in her 60s, goes insane. Others are tortured, beaten or buried alive for declaring realistic harvests, refusing to hand over what little food they have, stealing scraps or simply angering officials.

When the head of a production brigade dares to state the obvious – that there is no food – a leader warns him: “That’s right-deviationist thinking. You’re viewing the problem in an overly simplistic matter.”

I have just been out to buy cat food because kitty’s cupboard was bare. Now that is not “right-deviatonist thinking” – that’s arithmetic. You have twelve pouches of cat food and the cat eats twelve pouches then poor kitty then has none and I have to get my boots on. This blog is called “Counting Cats” and at some level little Timmy (who is not exactly a maths professor at Cambridge) has a stronger grasp on arithmetic than a Chinese Communist apparatchik. He at least has a folk conception of zero and will mewl until the situation is ameliorated and because I am not a Communist apparatchik but a reasonable, rational human being so do I.

I increasingly regard Communism as a religion – a bizarrely humanly invented one. It’s the only way I can understand the squaring of “never jam today” with the fact there clearly isn’t any jam, nor was there, nor will there be and jam doesn’t happen by wishing it to be so. I guess what I’m saying is these committed communists (and Yang Jisheng was one in his youth – even when his father starved to death in front of his eyes – another reason Yang Jisheng is a brave man – to challenge everything you were brought up to believe and admit you followed a false prophet for years is intellectually brave).

I say a “bizarrely human invented religion” and I need to clarify what I mean. This is hard. What Communism (in most forms) does is create a quasi-religious mythology that manages – all too often – to get away with the seeming paradox of championing the “ordinary Joe” whilst deifying whatever “Great Leader” lives in the palace. But there is another paradox and it is the conflation of “religion” and “science” (and the scare quotes are there for a reason). The reason of course is that it is neither religion nor science but a load of hokum dressed-up in pseudo scientific terms and expressed in an almost transcendental manner. That is Communism’s power. It touches both the bases of a quasi-mystical “worker’s paradise” where money is too cheap to meter (religion) with what appear to be scientific arguments that this state of affairs is not just desirable and doable but inevitable if only everyone believes enough. Like bringing Tinkerbell back. It’s a heady brew appealing simultaneously to both idealism (of a sort) and a faux rationalism. Do I dare go further and suggest the obvious contradictions here fit with a belief in the dialectic and thesis hitting antithesis as the engine of progress?

I don’t believe that because I can see when the cupboard is bare. As I said so can a relatively simple critter such as the Dear Kitty. Yes, Mao refuted by a cat! No where have I heard that one before? I can also spot intellectual bankruptcy as well as cat food deficits. And it is intellectually bankrupt. Occam’s razor cut’s the throat of Communism. I mean there is either no food because of colossal mismanagement (I also regard such epic mismanagement as actually evil in somewhat the same way I regard homeopathy, quacks, cults and any number of other frauds*). Of course some of the agents are poor misguided souls who like Agent Mulder “want to believe” and some just wish to gain power and stuff and see this as a convenient vehicle and the synergy of faux-science with faux-religion is a powerful vehicle for that. Just get your ouija board out and ask the shade of L Ron Hubbard. Some of course are just thugs and some just terrified of those thugs. Yang Jisheng became neither and for that I salute him.

*Examples of Communist intellectual bankruptcy might include Lysenkoism Or Stalin’s truly bizarre objection to Fermi-Dirac statistics in Quantum Mechanics – Fermions within a system all have to have different quantum states – so they “don’t collectivise” was Uncle Joe’s objection. The idea of Joe Stalin being well-up on cutting edge physics is peculiar enough but what is really weird is that that is bizarrely atavistic as well as showing some (deranged) understanding of physics it is a prime example of someone who would undoubtedly have called himself a materialist objecting to the nature of… matter itself on a spurious quasi-religious “make it so!” basis. There was also a bizarrely vile attempt under Uncle Joe to produce a subservient soldier/worker class (Morlocks?) by attempting (against both any er… conceivable ethics or even brute biological science) to cross humans with gorillas. Deranged science and deranged ideology hand-in-paw. Some women actually volunteered to be (artificially) inseminated with Ape jizz. Seriously. Now that really is pseudo-science allied to some sort of “vision thing”.


  1. Lynne says:

    I wonder what he would say about the European and North American scum elite who insist that there are far too many people for the Earth to feed yet turn food into fuel in the name of saving the planet.

    Sounds eerily familiar, yes?

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    As does this, Lynne:

    “You’re viewing the problem in an overly simplistic matter.”

    It’s always the way with these people: if you think you understand what’s going on, then you’re obviously too stupid to get it. (Of course, in Nick’s particular field of expertise that famously happens to be more or less true, but that’s about the only place it is.)

  3. NickM says:

    I hadn’t considered the parallel but it is there. Of course it is! D’oh! Nice spot. Bio-fuels are one of the most appalling things to happen for the environment in my lifetime. And of course for people who you know eat. I mean for some Greens (by no means all) to advocate grubbing-up rain-forests to plant monocultures is just mind-bending.

    It’s a bit more complicated than that! QM is staggeringly accurate what it ain’t is interpretable in common-sensical terms. This has happened before. If you were brought-up on Aristotle then Newtonian physics was both accurate and utterly counter intuitive. Especially the idea that something would keep on moving without an external force being applied. You see this was an age of ox-carts rather than maglevs. The whole thing reminds me of the Monty Hall problem. You go route one on the maths and it’s simples (said the meerkat) but you try the “folk view” you’re left like Bilbo when a load of dwarves turn-up unexpectedly. That is why I did maths and physics stuff. It is like wizardry but real. And this year I shall build a coil.

  4. John Galt says:

    You’re stepping on dangerous ground their NickM – I make quite a lot of money with Biofuel traders…Absolutely correct though, this is just watermelon eco-bollocks grade idiocy.

    However, it’s put about 100k of income on the Galt table since 2008 so not to be sniffed.

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    Yes, but Lynne, you’re completely overlooking (willfully ignoring??? Surely not!) the large numbers of Elite and their pull-robots who long for a world where the human population is 90% smaller than at present anyway. Myself, I think it’s rather cruel to starve 6.3 billion folks to death, but hey, whatever creates the Perfect Earth is what we gots to do, right? So people starving really isn’t an issue. Besides, Bill Gates and them are going to have nice full refrigerators and tabs at Maxim’s (or whatever is the world-class 5* eatery these days), so we should worry?

  6. Lynne says:

    Oh I wilfully overlook those creatures for sure – through the bloggers equivalent of a laser-guided sniperscope.


  7. Andy says:

    I saw a TV documentory a while back about a flying eye clinic that had gone to North Korea to do cataract ops and other eye surgery,and when the patients,many of whom had been blind for years had their sight restored they were giddy and almost worshipful with gratitude, to Kim jong-ill the “great benevolent leader” who was the font of all good stuff(even tho he`d done fuck all to help)they would bow and kneel before his picture but not a whisper of thanks to the doctors,nurses,pilots and tech people or the public donors who had paid for it all,cause well they`re filthy decadent westerners.

    ps North Koreans are so chronically malnourished that they are now on average 5 inches shorter than their South Korean brethren.(I read that somewhere)

  8. cuffleyburgers says:

    You are undoubtedly right that communism is indistinguishable from religion, the same is true of warmism.

    And as educational standards fall and subsequent generations are even less able to think for themselves then the situation can only get worse.

  9. Paul Marks says:

    Yet this utter swine, Mao, is still treated as a hero by the Chinese regime (his image is everywhere).

    I do not care that the taxes are lower (well I do care – but….) but a regime that holds up the largest scale mass murderer in human history (see “Mao: The Untold Story”) as a wonderful founder and inspiration – is trapped in a terrible contradiction (to use one of the Marxists favourate words) and a contradiction that can only resolve itself in terrible violence.

    For how can the regime ditch Mao – he is indeed their “religion”.

    As for Stalin and the weird experiments…….

    Well that proves there are some things about the Communists that I do not know.

    Please – do not give me details anyone.

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