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Insight of the day…

Newly-released diaries contain an account of the Joint Intelligence Committee’s report on Hitler’s final days in his bunker.

Dr Stephen Twigge, head of the Modern, Domestic, Diplomatic and Colonial team at The National Archives in Kew, west London says the dictator is portrayed as, “a rather depressed, demented, mad individual“.

No Shi’ite Sherlock! I mean for fuck’s sake!

From The Telegraph which is going so rapidly downhill* a UK skiing gold must now be contemplated.

*I was going to comment on that tomfoolery but what indeed is the point?


  1. John Galt says:

    Maybe the Joint Intelligence Committee is making the point that President Obama Latin “Panthera Leo”* might end up having his own bunker experience if things don’t improve.

    * African Lion or Lying African, it’s one or the other…

  2. NickM says:

    Nah, JG. I have played RuneQuest so I know what a Panthera Leo is and in any case this was the Brits, not the Septics. You’re not a “birther” are you?

  3. John Galt says:

    You’re not a “birther” are you?

    I believe that generally people should be born, yes.

    Do I subscribe to the notion that Obama wasn’t born in the US and therefore put myself in the same camp as Donald Trump and also coincidentally Donald Trumps ‘hair’? Absolutely Not.

    Obama should be ridiculed though, so let’s do that.

    I’m big on ridiculing Obama.

  4. RAB says:

    I know it’s a rule, but I have always found it an odd one, coming from a land of immigrants, that the President must have been born in the USA. He’s been elected twice, that should be good enough surely?

    It doesn’t pertain to most countries and certainly not the UK. There was a point when we could have had, god forbid, someone like Peter Hain as PM.

    So yes, let’s get back to ridiculing Barry, there’s plenty of scope isn’t there?

  5. John Galt says:

    One interesting question though is what relevance does a printed newspaper have nowadays? Electronic / Internet / Kindle / IPad news I can completely understand, but what purpose does a PRINTED newspaper serve?

    “Read all about it, All Yesterdays News, Available Tomorrow”

    No wonder they’ve had to start giving them away (Metro, Evening Standard, “i” – which is a form of the Independent I think).

    Who actually buys a copy of the Daily Telegraph or worse still gets it delivered by a paper {boy|girl}? Pensioners?

    Maybe as part of the war on Warble Gloaming the Limp Dim’s should force the coalition to ban all printed newspapers. We’d be doing the Guardian a favour, like putting a lame old warhorse out of its final agony.

  6. Edward Lud says:

    JG, “Who actually buys a copy of the Daily Telegraph or worse still gets it delivered by a paper {boy|girl}? Pensioners?”

    Er, yes, my father does. Going to fetch it each morning is part of his routine. I gather he gets it mainly for the sudoku.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    RAB: It’s the nation-of-immigrants thing that’s behind it. Because there were so many incomers, the Founding Dads wanted to ensure that the President had been brought up as a True American (which Barry sure as hell wasn’t, regardless of where he was born; so much for that, then.) I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that some of the first Congress were ineligible themselves.

    Edward, JG: My dad still buys the Herald, despite it turning in recent years (ie, the last three decades) into an SNP-supporting Guardian-wannabe media-left meme newsletter – in other words, the diametric opposite to what he’d buy if he was actually thinking about it. He gets it for the… well, I was going to say Births, Marriages, and Deaths, but to be honest it’s the Deaths. And hardly anyone seems to bother the dead tree business with those these days anyway.

    It’s kind of sad, because I used to be a fanatical newspaper reader 20 years ago, but I give them all another decade at the outside. Hell, the Dandy’s gone already…

  8. John Galt says:

    @Sam Duncan:

    Although I think this ‘birther’ stuff is bullshit, it’s still nice to bash Barry O’Bama on the head with occasionally. It’s not exactly unprecedented either, because President Chester A. Arthur was probably ineligible as well on the basis that his father wasn’t a US Citizen at the time of his birth, therefore he wasn’t a “Natural Born Citizen”.

    All hokum anyway, but good fun for us Brits to wind up the yanks with.

  9. NickM says:

    If I were a septic I’d just have two words for you JG, “Nick Clegg”! Cold-forged from pure Biden that numpty.

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